can i shower with oura ring

Can I Shower with Oura Ring? Truth About Wearing Your Oura Ring

For the majority of individuals who are reluctant to the hassle of tracking their physical wellness using an activity tracker or wristwatch, plenty of alternatives are available. While health-tracking earbuds are primarily effective for physical activity, screenless trackers have fallen by the wayside. The sole alternative that may be to be both affordable and viable is smart rings. Oura, a Finnish company, is the most widely recognized brand in this market, partly because of the Oura Ring. The Ring’s design, presently in its third version, started as a sleeping monitoring device yet has since been modified to measure more physiological indicators than before. Can I use Oura Ring in the shower? Read on to learn everything there is to know about the Oura Ring if you like the notion of a smart ring that monitors your movements discreetly.

What is the Water Resistance Rating of the Oura Ring?

The Oura Ring provides a water resistance rating of a maximum of 100 meters or around 330 feet. This qualifies for a specific classification under the International Protection (IP) Code system, making it more than merely a marketing promise.

The Oura Ring’s IPX8 classification implies that, in accordance with the specifications of the IP Code, it can tolerate submersion in water depths exceeding one meter.

The Oura Ring can easily withstand a swim in the pool, a run through the rain, or a strenuous workout. But remember that being resistant to water doesn’t make you unbeatable. Jet skiing and other high-pressure water sports could still be dangerous.

Can I Safely Shower with the Oura Ring?

The Oura Ring shouldn’t be worn while immersed in water, for example, when swimming or taking a shower, recommended by the product’s manufacturer.

Nevertheless, minor splashes or unintentional encounters with water when carrying out chores like washing your hands should not significantly impact your Oura Ring.

It would be best to keep in mind that prolonged exposure to water or immersing the device can raise the likelihood of damage, so it’s more effective to be cautious about taking the ring off before a shower.

It is recommended to take off your Oura Ring before having a shower or engaging in activities requiring long water exposure to prolong its lifespan and avoid any potential harm.

Can I Wear my Oura Ring Surfing?

The ring can withstand a brief water submersion in water and is waterproof up to 100 meters (328 ft).

The band is not touted as being appropriate for extended periods of exposure to water or for activities involving high water pressure, such as swimming, scuba diving, or surfing.

The Oura Ring might not have been able to withstand the intense water velocity, submersion, and severe surfing impacts.

The force of the waves, the continually increasing pressure of the water, and possible consequences may harm or knock the ring off your finger, which causes loss or malfunction.

Taking off your Oura Ring before participating in water sports like surfing is normally recommended to ensure its security and longevity.

Other water-resistant fitness trackers or smartwatches designed for aquatic activity may be more suitable for your needs if you want to track your surfing activities.

Can you Wear Oura Ring in Sauna?

It wouldn’t be wise to wear the Oura Ring in a sauna. High humidity and temperature fluctuations are normal in saunas, which may exceed the ring’s recommended functioning limits.

The Oura Ring’s web page specifically cautions in opposition to wearing it in hot situations since it might adversely affect the gadget or impair its operation. Saunas can go over and above the conditions advised for the ring due to their high-temperature levels and moisture.

To ensure the wellness and lifespan of the Oura Ring, it is usually recommended to take it off before using a sauna.

What to Do If Water Damage Occurs

What to Do If Water Damage Occurs?

Take the ring from the water source gradually while it is still soaked, or for the sake of preventing the possibility of short circuits, shut off the ring straight away if it is still operational.

Dry the ring gently with a soft cloth or towel. Avoid using heat sources like hair dryers or exposure to direct sunlight because doing so can further harm the item.

Allow the ring to air dry for a while after drying it externally. This will promote the evaporated state of any moisture that could be trapped inside the ring.

Please wait until you are certain the ring is dry after attempting to charge or power it on. A wet device can become much more harmful if you try to perform tasks with it or charge it.

How Long does Oura Ring Battery Last?

You must keep in mind that settings, including the frequency of syncing, activity monitoring, and notifications, as well as additional factors, could influence the real longevity of the battery.

Users can alter a few Oura Ring settings to improve battery life further. The duration of battery life can be extended by, for instance, lowering the frequency of data syncing or turning off pointless notifications.

As batteries age, the amount they can hold may gradually decrease. It may be a clue that the battery needs to be replaced if you detect a large drop in its effectiveness or if the battery life substantially shortens.

Caring for your Oura Ring

The Oura Ring is unable to operate in a certain frequency of temperatures. Temperatures that are too high are best kept far from it, given that they could harm or impair its ability to function.

Keep it safeguarded against places that are very hot, cold, or in direct sunlight. Keep your Oura Ring clean to eliminate any sweat, oils, or grime that might have gathered up on the surface. The ring should be gently cleaned with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Abrasive or harsh chemicals should not be used since they may scratch or harm the gadget.

The Oura Ring is water-resistant, but extended immersion in water or activities like swimming, a shower, or a bath is not advised. To avoid potential harm, take the ring off before indulging in water-related activities.

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