Can you Download on Crunchyroll

Can you Download on Crunchyroll? Unlocking Entertainment!

‘Can you download on Crunchyroll?’ If you cannot stop watching anime series, you might have this question, too. No worries; you will explore a seamless guide to downloading your favorite anime episodes for offline enjoyment from this blog post. Obviously, you can find out the steps and tools to ensure your anime viewing remains flexible and convenient. So, get ready to illuminate your on-the-go anime craze with us!

Does Crunchyroll Work Offline?

Yes, Crunchyroll works offline, but the platform provides offline viewing for only Crunchyroll Mega Fan and Ultimate Fan premium members. So, if you have not subscribed for these memberships, it is not possible to view Crunchyroll episodes offline. 

Premium members can download episodes on mobile devices for later offline viewing.

This recent addition to Crunchyroll’s premium membership tiers offers users the convenience of enjoying their favorite anime shows on the go, even without access to Wi-Fi networks.

The newly introduced premium tiers, Mega Fan and Ultimate Fan, not only feature offline viewing but also include benefits such as multiple concurrent streams and exclusive discounts.

To download episodes for offline viewing, users can select their desired episode and opt to sync it to their device.

The downloaded episodes can be accessed through the “Offline” tab within the Crunchyroll app.

Can you Download on Crunchyroll?

Yes, you can download episodes on Crunchyroll and watch them later offline, although you are not a premium member. In order to do that, you can directly use the Crunchyroll application or Nintendo Switch.

Moreover, there are some third-party tools which facilitate the download of Crunchyroll episodes. 

There are three quality options available for downloading an episode:

  1. High: Offers the best image quality but takes the longest to download and utilizes more device storage.
  2. Medium: Provides good image quality, downloads quickly, and uses less storage.
  3. Low: Offers decent image quality, downloads the fastest, and uses the least device storage.

However, it’s crucial to note that not all shows or episodes are available for offline viewing.

If a show or episode is unavailable, you will notice the download button greyed out.

And certain restrictions may apply based on your subscription plan.

If you wish to download anime on Crunchyroll that lacks a download option, it’s advisable to explore the use of Crunchyroll downloader.

How to Download Episodes on Crunchyroll? 

Basically, there are two methods to download Crunchyroll episodes. Here, we have provided you with both ways so you can pick the most convenient one. 

Using the Crunchyroll Mobile App (Android & iOS):

  1. Adjust the sync quality by accessing the ‘Account’ section and swiping down until you locate the ‘Sync Quality’ option. Then, choose the desired quality.
  2. Navigate to the show you want to sync and tap the down arrow to download the preferred episodes.
  3. Access the downloaded episodes by going to ‘My Lists’> ‘Offline.’

Using the Nintendo Switch:

  1. Navigate to the episode you want to sync for offline viewing and press the X button on your controller.
  2. Choose ‘Sync Episode.’
  3. After that, access the downloaded episode by going to the App Menu and then selecting ‘Offline Viewing.’

How to Download Episodes with Crunchyroll Downloader

How to Download Episodes with Crunchyroll Downloader? 

If you wish to use Crunchyroll Downloader to download episodes, here is the correct procedure.

  1. First, install the Crunchyroll Downloader.
  2. Copy the URL of the desired video from Crunchyroll.
  3. Then, paste the Crunchyroll video URL into the designated box.
  4. Select the folder where you want to save the downloaded Crunchyroll video.
  5. Next, click the ‘Automatically Convert’ button within the ‘Download’ tab.
  6. Finally, you can initiate the downloading process by tapping on ‘Download.’

I Can’t Download Crunchyroll Episodes for Offline Viewing

If you cannot download Crunchyroll episodes for offline viewing, follow these troubleshooting guidelines. 

  1. First, click on the error button that appears on the screen and select ‘Retry.’
  2. Adjust the sync quality by navigating to ‘Account’ → ‘Offline Viewing’ → ‘Sync Quality.’
  3. To manage space and bandwidth during the sync process, limit syncing to 1 episode at a time.
  4. Now, restart your device.
  5. Ensure a stable Wi-Fi connection when connecting to the internet.
  6. If using Wi-Fi, consider changing to Mobile Data and check whether you can download the content. 
  7. If the issue persists after trying the above steps, submit a ticket to the Crunchyroll Support Team. When submitting your request, choose “Technical and Other” as the Problem Type and provide the following information:
  • Device/OS version
  • Series/episode you are attempting to download (provide a couple of examples)
  • Country

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