Can you Share Crunchyroll Account

Can you Share Crunchyroll Account? [Add Multiple Devices]

If you and your friends are anime lovers, no wonder you guys wonder whether it is possible to share a Crunchyroll account to enjoy programs at once. Yes, it is possible to share your Crunchyroll account and stream on several devices at a time.

However, this is not a free feature of Crunchyroll; you are required to have a premium plan to stream on different devices at a given time. Today, we will let you know everything you want regarding Crunchyroll account sharing.

Can You Share a Crunchyroll Account?

No, you cannot share your Crunchyroll account, but you can add multiple devices to your Crunchyroll account if you have a Crunchyroll Mega Fan or Ultimate Fan plan. The Crunchyroll Mega Fan plan allows up to 4 devices at a time and you get six devices with the Crunchyroll Ultimate Fan plan. 

Share Crunchyroll account via mega fan and ultimate fan

The best part of the story is that you can try this cool feature for 14 days without a cost to see whether it fits your requirements.

How Many People Can Watch Crunchyroll at Once? 

A maximum of six users can watch Crunchyroll at once if the Ultimate Fan plan is activated. Anyways, the standard Crunchyroll service permits only a single stream per account. The number of people who are able to watch Crunchyroll depends on the plan you are on. So, check the details below. 

  1. Free Plan & Fan Plan: These plans allow only one device per account. 
  2. Mega Fan Plan: The Mega Fan plan allows up to four devices per account meaning four people can watch at a time. 
  3. Ultimate Fan Plan: The Ultimate Fan plan allows up to six devices per account, meaning six people can watch at a time. 

If you want to know more about Crunchyroll subscriptions, take a minute and read our article on how Crunchyroll subscriptions work.

Why Can’t I Add Multiple Devices to My Crunchyroll Account?

If you are unable to add devices after you create your Crunchyroll account, the issue lies within your account. If you are on the Crunchyroll Fan plan, you won’t be able to add multiple devices to your account.

In addition, currently, the Crunchyroll Ultimate Fan plan is available only in the US which could be another reason that is limiting you from adding devices to your Crunchyroll account. 

How to Remove a Device from Crunchyroll?

To remove devices from your Crunchyroll account, visit My Account from the Crunchyroll app > Device Management > now, you will see your devices list > click on deactivate to remove the device you want. This will log out the device from the Crunchyroll account. Read our dedicated article on how to remove devices from Crunchyroll for a better idea. 


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