can you wear airpods in a tanning bed

Can You Wear AirPods in a Tanning Bed? – All You Need to Know!

Individuals across the world like listening to their favorite tunes, songs constantly. Irrespective of whether they are in a cafe, a supermarket, or their workplace cubicles, their earbuds are often by their hands. There is no need to feel bad about it because, for numerous of us, enjoying songs helps us to relax, stay focused, and enjoy ourselves. However, there are a few locations, though, where you must decide whether to carry your earbuds. Folks keep their Earbuds on throughout the day, sometimes when they use a tanning bed at their neighborhood resort. The ideal place to unwind and enjoy acoustic tunes while gently developing a sunburn is on a tanner bed. But, Is it risky to use your Bluetooth headphones in those situations? So, can you wear AirPods in a tanning bed? Let us find out.

Can You Wear AirPods in a Tanning Bed?

It appears that using AirPods or Earbuds while in a tanning booth won’t affect how well they operate. Nevertheless, sustained levels of UV radiation might negatively affect its life quality.

Making an effort to go to a tanning salon to lie on the ground, a foundation tan is often a part of the procedure for people who prefer to pre-tan and prepare their skin for the heat.

If you have earphones or AirPods, there is no excuse not to play songs while getting a tan as far as you prevent listening to them with your smartphone set to excessive decibel levels. Several of these individuals would want to attend to tunes while getting a tan.

The biggest concern is that if things drop out or feel bothersome, they could get misplaced, or they won’t get a location to keep things when you need to take those out.

The only additional problem is that since you get no entry to the power adapter within tanning beds, you need to ensure that Bluetooth earphones are properly filled beforehand so they will spend the whole period. The only problems you have to face are:

  • Heating: Furthermore, AirPods and other wireless headsets frequently overheat. Brief tanner sessions won’t harm your earbuds because tanning beds may get up to 38 degrees Celsius in warmth. Nevertheless, be careful not to recharge devices in the sunbed as this will increase the amount of heat produced in the area. You aren’t required to bother about breathing scorched air because your Bluetooth headphones won’t burst in any manner.
  • The Effects of Ultraviolet Exposure: Your Bluetooth earbuds are made to withstand heavy use. Although the sunbed emits a lot of Ultraviolet radiation, it can’t actually go close to damaging your AirPods. Your body is significantly more absorbent than a wireless pair of AirPods. You shouldn’t be concerned about the devices you bring on until your body is healthy since it will require several hours of very intense Ultraviolet light to harm them.

 In conclusion, using Bluetooth earbuds inside a tan booth is OK as long as you only use them sometimes. But be careful not to overdo it and stay there for excessively long because it poses risks to others as well.

Pros and Cons of Wearing AirPods in a Tanning Bed

Using the AirPods in the tanning room has many benefits, mainly making your time fly. A pair of apple AirPods is ideal for anyone wishing to relax, whether sticking up or lying on the floor in a sunbed, for a wide variety of reasons. You can enjoy music, podcasts, or other amusement while relaxing in the sunbathing room.

Duration will seem to pass much more quickly when you cannot view the phone’s display and only listen to songs. According to the kind of audio or your attitude, this might or might not be a positive idea, but it might assist you in forgetting how much you have been lying there.

  • Contentment: It is much more relaxing to relax when sunbathing while listening to tunes than it is to attempt to do so while merely sitting still. This might be a fun feeling altogether to allow yourself to accomplish this while wearing headphones or Earbuds since you could even nod off while lying in the stall!
  • Mindfulness: You may concentrate while sunbathing by making the decision to attend to calming material; this can be extremely beneficial for you if you’re attempting to relax and stop worrying about the problems in your life.
  • Studying: You might utilize this opportunity to read eBooks and broaden your perspectives, and you may even take an auditory program to study a new language.

As we mentioned earlier, UV rays and the temperature of the tanning room can make your AirPods malfunction, which is the only disadvantage of using it in the tanning room. You can use your AirPods without any issues if you are not spending more than 5-6 hours.

Is It Possible to Charge Your AirPods While in a Tanning Bed?

It’s typical for AirPods to get toasty when recharging. If users put the AirPods to charge within the tanning bed, the excess heat it produces may potentially lead the earphones to overheat.

Therefore, avoid attempting to recharge your pricey Bluetooth Apple earphones in any way whatsoever when lying on a tanning bed. Merely depart the sunbathing bed site and recharge your device somewhere if your battery runs low. This may prevent any possible thermal issues.

Can You Bring a Mobile Phone in a Tanning Bed?

It is perfectly doable to bring your smartphone with you when sunbathing if we may comment from the perspective of tanning station regulations.

You can accomplish numerous activities with it, such as watching your favorite film there or listening to your favorite musician. You might sometimes take some great photographs in the future.

Simply stated, there won’t be much of an issue with the UV rays. It can reduce speed, hasten the battery’s depletion, or even momentarily deactivate some features.

All of that, however, depends on how hot it is around you and how long it lasts. Experts claim that temperatures around 55°C won’t make enough impact, but excessive direct exposure may result in some malfunctions.

The most dependable method is minimizing how often your electrical equipment comes in touch with generated temperature. Hold your device wrapped with a cloth while not in use to prevent the device from coming into contact with any ultraviolet radiation.

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