Crunchyroll Not Sending Password Reset Email

Crunchyroll Not Sending Password Reset Email [FIXED]

When you attempt to reset your Crunchyroll password for whatever reason, they will send a password reset email for the verification process. Although this is the norm, some might not receive the password reset link via email.

If this sounds like your situation, we will help you overcome this frustrating issue.

Why is Crunchyroll not Sending Password Reset Email?

If you have access to your Crunchyroll account and want to change your password but are not receiving the Crunchyroll password reset email, you need to set up your username first. Then, verify your email address before requesting the password reset email.

If Crunchyroll is not accepting your email, there is something wrong with the email entered by you.

However, if you forgot your Crunchyroll password and want to reset it, we recommend following the below-mentioned troubleshooting methods.

Check Email Address Accuracy

Verify if you have checked the correct email address that is supposed to receive the password resetting mail from Crunchyroll. Perhaps, you have checked the wrong email ID. 

Inspect Spam and Junk Folders

Regularly check your email’s spam or junk folder. Emails from your Crunchyroll, especially password reset links, can often be misclassified as spam by email filters. If the Crunchyroll reset password email not coming through, this is usually where the issue lies.

Whitelist Crunchyroll’s Email

Here’s a little trick that can go a long way. Add your Crunchyroll email address to your email account’s whitelist or safe senders list. This action tells your email service that messages from Crunchyroll are safe and should not be marked as spam. 

Wait Patiently

Sometimes, there’s just a delay in your email system. It’s possible, isn’t it? Give it some time – a few more minutes perhaps – before hitting resend button or panicking.

Update Email Settings

Another thing to consider is you should ensure your email account isn’t set up with overly stringent filters or firewall settings that might block emails from new or unrecognized senders.

Contact Your Email Service Provider

If you suspect that your email provider is blocking Crunchyroll emails, reaching out to them can clarify and potentially resolve any issues from their end.

Reach Out to Crunchyroll Support

If all else fails, contact Crunchyroll’s customer support for assistance. They can provide you with insights into any account issues or system-wide problems affecting email deliveries.

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