crunchyroll subtitle is not working

The Crunchyroll Subtitle is Not Working – Here’s How to Resolve Them!

Crunchyroll is like the sapphire ocean constantly dangling with the sprinting waves of the latest anime series, films and TV series produced by East Asian media. Hence, Crunchyroll is a major platform for streaming films and series produced by East Asian media. Sony Group Cooperation owns this infinite beckon of service and possesses great features, including the facilities of subtitles and dubbing. Nonetheless, it is inevitable to be deprived of issues when the service constantly toggles with newer technologies. Therefore Crunchyroll subtitle is not working could be a frequent complaint, and we are here to explain how this happens.

Why are my Crunchyroll Subtitles Not Working?

Browsing amidst an endless collection of anime carried by the bouncy waves of technology can be challenging.

Similarly, when it comes to Crunchyroll subtitles not working, we may question, “Do Crunchyroll have subtitles?” YES, it has, but it may not be working due to issues with the Crunchyroll servers, the Crunchyroll site filling with bugs, the outdated Crunchyroll app, the web browser and forbidden subtitles in Crunchyroll. Thus these issues could easily result in subtitle malfunction.

What could be Causing the Issue of Crunchyroll Subtitles Not Working?

Constructing a hypothesis is the foremost step that can be taken towards solving an issue with Crunchyroll subtitles. Therefore it is crucial to comprehend the causes of such difficulties to find solutions afterwards. Hence the causes of a malfunctioning Crunchyroll are,

  1. Issues with the Crunchyroll Server

Suppose there’s the simplest issue on the server of such an enormous technology, passing millions of streaming content. In that case, you will face issues with the subtitles inevitably. Thus you may have to wait for the repairmen of the server.

  1. There are Bugs in the Crunchyroll Website

As bugs are unintentional behaviours of the software, it is inevitable to prevent the possibility of such a thing from happening.

  1. You may browse through an outdated web browser and may have an outdated Crunchyroll app as well.
  2. The disabled subtitles feature in the Crunchyroll app, or website can prevent subtitles from showing up.

Are there Specific Settings I Need to Check for Crunchyroll Subtitles to Function?

Even the most prestigious diamond needs assurance before being purchased; even the Crunchyroll subtitle must have some assurance to function properly.

First, you must check your internet connection to ensure you have a stable internet connection. Then move on to the Crunchyroll app and ensure that subtitles are turned on using the settings toggle in the video setting.

Moreover, you’ll have to check for any ad blockers as they might interfere with the subtitles loading process.

What Can I Do If the Crunchyroll Subtitles are Out of Sync or Delayed

What Can I Do If the Crunchyroll Subtitles are Out of Sync or Delayed?

Crunchyroll is one of the most predominant streaming services in the world; it has its downhill. There are many more issues, like subtitle delays ans subtitle syncing issues. Every problem has a corresponding solution, and there are solutions to fix the subtitle delay on Crunchyroll. These solutions include

  1. the updating of the Crunchyroll app.
  2. Clearing the cache and cookies from your web browser is another solution.
  3. Uninstall your Crunchyroll app from your phone and reinstall it.

How do I Update the Crunchyroll App to Fix Subtitle Issues?

For better development and execution, one must constantly update the Crunchyroll app to enjoy the limitless depth of the sapphire ocean filled with waves of anime supported with subtitles and dubbing hence why we are here to guide you through the whole updating process.

  • First step – go to your app store, play store for Android and iOS users.
  • Now enter the “crunchyroll App” page.
  • If there are new updates that you should catch up on, an “update” button will appear. If you currently use the latest version, there will be an “open” button instead of “update”.

How to Fix Crunchyroll Subtitles Not Working?

 Even though Crunchyroll is designed phenomenally to support its users, it has its downfalls.

One of those downfalls can be noted as the Crunchyroll subtitles not working. As we acknowledge this as a frequent issue, we are here to support you by discussing some solutions. These solutions include,

  1. Reloading the Crunchyroll Web Page

Reloading is a hasty fix to your problem, as pressing the refreshing button that is so visible on the web page is very easy for the user. You can use the keyboard shortcuts if you cannot find the “refresh” button. First, you can try Ctrl+R for a quick refresh while Ctrl+F5 for a hard refresh, clearing all the cache and cookies.

  1. You Can Sign Out and Sign In to Crunchyroll

First of all, you must sign out. Instead of running back to the app like an infant running back to his mother, you must wait a few seconds for the app to fix all those problems. Then you can sign in and enjoy your spare time.

  1. Clear Out the Cache and Data of the Crunchyroll App

Clearing out the cache may help you enormously, as these cache and data files may include harmful and corrupted files, directly affecting the app’s function.

  1. You Might have to Consider Uninstalling your Crunchyroll App

Uninstalling does not mean you cannot use the app again. Just as earlier, you can uninstall the app, wait for a few seconds, and then reinstall the app. so that you are again a newbie to the newly installed app without any issues or complications.

  1. It would help if you updated your web browser and the Crunchyroll app.
  2. If any of the solutions mentioned above are not working for you, you can visit the help centre of the Crunchyroll app.


Can Switching to a Different Device or Browser Resolve Crunchyroll Subtitle Problems?

The African proverb “there are many roads to the market” suggests there can be many solutions to one problem. Hence why switching to a different browser or device is another potential solution for the malfunctions of Crunchyroll subtitles.

If you are consuming Crunchyroll content on a PC using a specific web browser, changing it may help.

Moreover, you can change your browsing device or update all the software and firmware before downloading the Crunchyroll app.

Can the Language or Font Settings be Customised for Crunchyroll Subtitles?

Crunchyroll allows you to attain subtitles from other languages as well. If you are wondering, “Why can’t I watch Crunchyroll with English subtitles, ” you can.

First, you must visit the Crunchyroll website. Then log in. You click on the “Profile button” and select “Settings”.

Go to the “Video Preferences” under “Account settings”. Now you will see the option of “Default Language” Select the desired language from the list. Voila! You are good to go!

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