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Does Blink Camera Work with Google Home? Researched Results

Almost everything we possess now incorporates technology, and we can connect most of our gadgets to make them operate together. Anyone may install the home security system Blink in their household. It is made to be user-friendly and for those who are new to technology and home security. The popular personal assistant gadget Google Home can connect to many other smart gadgets. But you might be wondering, does blink camera work with google home? This article will discuss in-depth look at how to use Blink devices with Google Home or Google Assistant.

What is Blink?

The home automation company Blink creates battery-operated home security cameras. Peter Besen, Don Schlesinger, and Stephen Gordon founded the company in 2009 under Immedia Semiconductor Inc. Later. It became a brand for consumer electronics.

After announcing outdoor surveillance cameras and home surveillance systems with video doorbells, the company developed an inside security camera that raised over a million dollars. Amazon said in 2017 that it had surpassed the blink brand by utilizing Blink’s technology for the Amazon Key service.

Does Blink Camera Work with Google Home? – Answered

More and more people are using blink home security cameras. These devices are easy to use and set up. So, does blink camera work with google home? However, to the disappointment of many, Blink cameras cannot be directly connected to Google Home devices. Although both of these products get created by Amazon subsidiaries, they cater to different markets for home security cameras. Since the Blink security camera line is an Amazon product, Google devices will never be able to use it.

Third-Party Apps

There is a workaround if you don’t want to utilize an Amazon Echo device but wish to use Blink Home security cameras.

  • Smart Thing

The most cutting-edge app currently available is SmartThings. It got developed by Samsung and is intended to function with a wide range of devices. With SmartThings, you can manage Google Home and Blink cameras together. Its already enormous library of approved goods and apps continues to expand.

SmartThings may get used to turning on and off your Blink cameras automatically. While Blink cameras and Google Home devices cannot get used in tandem, SmartThings enables you to manage both through the convenience of a single app. Even using Google Home or Amazon Alexa together is possible. You must first purchase a SmartThing Smart Home Hub. Your app will become used to controlling this.


There is a method to get your Blink camera to talk to a Google smart system even though Blink cameras are incompatible with Google gadgets. You may link your Blink cams to Google Assistant using IFTTT. You may set up conditions triggered by particular changes by other online services using the IFTTT (If This Then That) service.

It would be best to authenticate Blink and Google Assistant to accomplish this. Next, pick an applet or service that will serve as a trigger. The automation will start when this trigger occurs.

Choose an action you wish to happen once the services are activated next. It usually involves arming or disabling the system. Choose the data that will get sent between Google Home and Blink. After completing these procedures, you can keep adding services and applets. You can manage the Blink security cameras even more using IFTTT. Once your devices are linked, you may program your system to arm when you leave or disarm when you get home.

Additionally, you may program the cameras to be on during particular times of each day. IFTTT offers a wide variety of functions to pick from. However, you must first finish a few fast steps, which are as follows, before using IFTTT services:

  • Blink and the real Google Assistant
  • Choose a course of action for your service’s activation.
  • Once you’ve finished these steps, you’re ready to keep adding services that you want and are the most appropriate for the system.
  • Select the data you want to transfer between both devices (arm or disarm).
  • Alternatives Cameras for Google Home

It would be best if you concentrated on looking for substitutes apart from whether Blink camera works with google home. It is because Blink cannot get natively connected with Google Home. As a result, the following are among the top Google Home-compatible Blink replacement cameras.

  • Google Nest

One of the best security cameras is the Google Nest Home. Since the Nest is a Google device, there are no issues with its flawless compatibility with Google Home.

The Google Nest Home IQ and Google Home integration allow you to view a real-time live feed of your home when connected to gadgets like the Google Nest Hub or the mobile application.

  • Arlo 

The Arlo camera line gets often rated as the best for home security. You may also select from a broad range of alternatives from the brand depending on your tastes and financial constraints.

Arlo is also compatible with Google Home, and you can access the live feed via the Google Nest Hub or the mobile app. Arlo is available in various bundles to provide complete protection in every part of your house and extensive coverage.

  • Ring

You can see and hear anyone who approaches your door with Ring cameras. Additionally, Ring cameras include an audio capability that enables you to communicate through the cameras or listen to external audio. The best part is that Ring and Google Home work together.

Final Thought

Blink cameras are renowned for being the most mobile home security cameras and are simple to tilt to whatever angle you choose.

Which camera is most appropriate and comfy for you is what counts most. Choose Nest Cam if you already own a Google Home because it can easily link to the device. However, Alexa devices are better for you if you already have or plan to purchase a Blink camera.

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