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Does Cane’s Accept Apple Pay? (Is It Possible)

Does Canes accept Apple Pay? Yes, they do. A lot of people who purchase from Canes have been pondering the same question. This is because they haven’t listed Apple Pay as a payment option on their official website. Some have reported that they don’t accept Apple Pay in the Canes they have visited, we can’t assure you that all of their stores accept Apple Pay, but we can definitely assure you that they do have a contactless payment method for purchases. So, in this article, we will take you through what apple pay is, does Cane’s accept apple pay, and if so, how to use Apple Pay at Cane’s etc. Keep reading to find out.

What is Apple Pay?

For those of you who don’t know what Apple Pay is, it’s simply the mobile payment system designed by Apple Inc for its devices as a contactless payment method.

It is supported in iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch and Macs. We use them as an alternative to card payment systems like debit and credit cards as a contactless point of sales terminal.

Apple is working on a two-factor authentication system working with Face ID, Touch ID, passcode or PIN.

The devices communicate with the terminals using NFC with an embedded secure element (eSE), acting as the store payment data and cryptographic performance.

Not all stores accept Apple Pay; only certain selected stores allow us to use apple pay. So, before we plan on using it as a payment method, we should make sure the store is allowing it.

Does Cane’s Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, absolutely. Cane does let us use Apple Pay to make payments when we purchase from them.

Canes is one of the popular fast-food chains very commonly known as Canes. Why we say this because many of their customers have reported that the Canes outlet they went to didn’t accept Apple Pay. And the confusion still remains as they haven’t mentioned Apple Pay as an option on their website either.

The truth is they do accept Apple Pay. But not in all of their food chains. To know for sure, you could check the Apple maps for the Canes outlet, and if the Outlet shows the Apple logo, it’s an indication that the particular Outlet does accept Apple Pay.

Usually, they accept Apple Pay when you visit the Outlet for food, but they don’t accept apple pay on their mobile app or some of their drive-thru.

How to Use Apple Pay at Cane's

How to Use Apple Pay at Cane’s?

Normally any and all fast-food chains have contactless payment or NFC readers on their counters; when you see that, you may just use your Apple Pay for the payment as most of them allow it. So, if you happen to be at a Cane’s fast-food Outlet and you’re willing to use your Apple Pay for the food, follow these steps;

  1. Since the staff at the cashier doesn’t really know how you’re going to pay for the food. And since they accept cash, contactless payment and also other debit and credit cards. Let the counter staff know that you’re going to pay with Apple Pay. They will tell you whether you can or not.
  2. If allowed, place your iPhone or Apple watch and hold it near the NFC reader to scan.
  3. Then makes sure to confirm the authentication of your transaction by using the Face ID or the Touch ID. When you do that, there will be a green tick displayed on the computer screen’s chip reader. This will confirm your payment.

Other Payment Options at Cane’s

In addition to Apple Pay, Canes is also accepting other forms of payment, which include their Raising Cane gift cards, the most common medium of payment cash, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and other debit and credit card payments.

When it comes to using card payment, we will have to carry all of our cards available.

This is because different outlets have a varying list of cards they take for payments. Some accept credit cards like American Express, Mastercard, Discover and Visa, while others don’t.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Cane’s

The biggest benefit we all could get out of Apple Pay at Cane’s Outlet and other outlets is secured payment for the purchase made. Why is; because we don’t have to carry bundles of cash around with us, or we don’t have to carry any debit or credit cards.

The payment is contactless and easy as well as convenient for us users because all we do is authenticate with our Face or Touch ID.

We don’t have to take any cards out and enter information and all sorts of numbers and PIN codes to make the payments.

Apple has no limit to the amount of payment we can make; this is unlike the debit or credit cards we use because they have a limit called the credit limit, or the amount of money in the bank account. This makes it even easier because our data is safe from hackers or robbers.

Unlike other Payment options, we have Apple Pay service access from many of our Apple devices. We could make our payments through our iPhones, Macs, iWatch, and our iPads etc.

Another benefit of Apple Pay is that it’s literally available in almost more than 85% of the retail stores around the United States.

That’s how popular the payment system is. You also don’t require any form of internet connection to pay through Apple Pay because they offer their service offline as it uses the NFC system rather than a wireless network like Wi-Fi.

Apple is a very private and secure payment method that is free from cyber-attacks. They don’t have any type of hidden charges or additional taxes and interests like most credit card companies.

Tips for Using Apple Pay at Cane’s

Since it’s confusing as to which Outlet is accepting apple pay, before you decide to eat from the Canes outlet, use your Apple map and check whether the particular store is accepting Apple Pay. If it doesn’t accept, look for a nearby outlet that actually accepts.

In addition to that, make sure your phones are unlocked before you try to scan through the NFC or else the payment will be declined. And if you happen to have any Cane’s gift cards, try using them first and then go for apple pay.

This will help save money. And if you’re using your Apple watch to pay, wait until the watch vibrates with a beep to confirm the payment. They do offer cash back for Apple Pay, so make sure you take advantage of it to save money as well.

And don’t plan on paying for the orders made on the Cane app because they don’t accept Apple Pay on it. Only on their on-site outlets and some of the drive-thru let you pay with Apple Pay.

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