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How To Get Crunchyroll on Samsung TV? Tips and Tricks

Crunchyroll, a cherished platform for anime enthusiasts, often leaves fans wondering about its compatibility with various devices, particularly smart TVs. Among the leading television brands, Samsung stands tall with its impressive range of feature-packed TVs. But, how does one marry the world of high-definition Samsung screens with Crunchyroll’s vast anime library? In this guide, we’ll delve into the step-by-step process of “How To Get Crunchyroll on Samsung TV?” Ensuring that your next binge-watching session is just a few clicks away, regardless of the model or type of Samsung TV you own.

How to Get Crunchyroll on Samsung TV?

The most straightforward method to get Crunchyroll on Samsung TV is to use a compatible streaming device like Amazon Fire TV Stick or Roku. Connect the device to your Samsung TV, download the Crunchyroll app, and start streaming. Alternatively, you can cast Crunchyroll from a mobile device using features like AirPlay or Smart View, or access Crunchyroll through the Samsung Smart TV browser.

1. Streaming Devices – A Universe of Apps:

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick & Roku: These streaming giants have made non-smart TVs smarter and smart TVs even more versatile.
    • Setup: Connecting these devices feels almost intuitive. Insert the streaming device into your TV’s HDMI port, establish a Wi-Fi connection, and navigate its user-friendly interface.
    • Crunchyroll Integration: Within the device’s app store, Crunchyroll often features prominently. The installation process is straightforward, and post-installation, your Samsung TV transforms into an anime portal.

2. Mobile Casting – Your TV’s Friendly Neighbor:

  • iOS Devices (iPhones & iPads): The symbiotic relationship between Apple devices is well-known. To get Crunchyroll onto your Samsung TV:
    • Screen Casting: Access the control center on your iOS device. The screen mirroring option is your gateway to projecting the Crunchyroll app onto your TV.
    • Dual Functionality: Besides viewing, your iOS device also doubles up as a remote, enhancing control and user experience.
  • Android Powerhouses: Brands like Samsung Galaxy offer more than just high-end specs:
    • Quick Connect or Smart View: Tucked within the settings or notification panel, these features enable Android users to bridge the gap between their mobiles and Samsung TVs. Once activated, it’s a direct journey to Crunchyroll’s vast catalog.

Mobile Casting – Your TV’s Friendly Neighbor:

3. Samsung Smart TV Browsers – The Underrated Gem:

While many overlook the potential of their TV browsers, they serve as direct gateways to online content:

  • Browsing Experience: The browser on a Samsung TV is tailored for larger screens, ensuring an easy navigation process.
  • Accessing Crunchyroll Online: Punch in Crunchyroll’s URL, sign in, and you’re immediately thrust into a realm of anime adventures. This method’s beauty lies in its simplicity – no third-party devices, no casting, pure direct streaming.

4. Tapping into Built-in Features:

Samsung TVs and modern devices come packed with features aimed at promoting device harmony:

  • AirPlay: This Apple feature requires both your Samsung TV and iOS device to share a Wi-Fi network. Once synchronized, the iOS device broadcasts its screen, including the Crunchyroll app, to the TV.
  • Smart View: Tailored for Samsung’s own devices running Android OS 4.3 or later, Smart View emulates the functionality of AirPlay. Your mobile device’s screen gets mirrored onto the TV, ensuring you don’t miss any Crunchyroll action.

For the technologically inclined, there are even methods that involve using VPNs or DNS proxies to bypass potential geo-restrictions on content. With a VPN service, you can ensure consistent access to Crunchyroll’s library irrespective of your geographical location. This is particularly helpful for those who travel or reside in regions with content limitations.

Technology continually evolves, and while direct Crunchyroll integration might be absent today, the plethora of indirect methods makes up for it. Each technique offers its own unique experience, catering to different user preferences. Whether you’re a tech novice or a seasoned expert, the doors to Crunchyroll’s anime world are always open, waiting for you to step in. So grab that remote, choose your method, and embark on an anime journey like no other.

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