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How Much does a PC Weigh? (Factors to Consider)

Owning an overweighed PC, a replica of a load of bricks, is the least of your desires. The world without proper knowledge about PC weights might think like this. Hence, it would benefit you to explore the question: how much does a PC weigh? With the acquired epiphany, you will comprehend which PC, laptop, or gaming PC is the best option for you, whether it is heavy as a block of brick or as light as a flock of feathers. Thus we will dive deep into the weights of PCs and explore the importance of the weight of a PC.

Why is the Weight of a PC Important?

Weight might be the least of your concerns if you are trying to buy a PC. However, most people do not understand the importance of a PC’s weight.

Suppose you are considering establishing the PC on a lightweight desk; if your PC overweighs that desk, you have to change the desk.

Moreover, the weight determines how manageable it is to move around the PC. Imagine an overweighing laptop clinging to your shoulders as a little toddler.

It is a burden. Thus, the PC’s weight is most important if you want to experience easy maneuvers in establishing and maintaining a PC.

What is the Average Weight Range of Different Types of PCs?

With the advancements in technology and the mundane world transforming into a diverse land, the development of PCs benefited many people. There are many PC types, and through this section, we will investigate what those types are and the average weight range of those PC types.

  1. Desktop Computer

This is the most common PC launched to the market at the very beginning of the invention of this technology. These are the most used PCs in workrooms, homes, and schools. When it comes to the weight, the average range is 10-13 kg. 

  1. Laptops

Laptops are the mobile personal computer most popular among the newer and younger generations with their high technology and the various versions available in the market. Then the average weight of a laptop can vary from around 2- 8 pounds.

  1. Workstations

This personal computer possesses a powerful processor, memory, and the capability to control graphics. Moreover, this is more speedy than a typical PC. Hence why workstations are respected as the heaviest PC available. The average weight range is 18- 26 pounds.

  1. Gaming PC

 A gaming PC is a high-end PC that is made for gaming. These PCs have the customization feature as many gaming enthusiasts crave several aesthetics. However, their weights can differ, while the average weight is 20- 40 pounds.

  1. All in One PC

All one PC is a collection of a computer’s internal components presented under a monitor with the aid of a processor. However, gifting that many features, these PCs do not weigh much. The average rate is 12- 30 pounds.

These PC types are very popular in the modern world, helping mundanes to enter the divinity of technology. Therefore, having a rough idea about the weight rates is vital as these computers are directly involved with our daily routines.

What are the Primary Factors that Contribute to the Weight of a PC

What are the Primary Factors that Contribute to the Weight of a PC?

The weight of PCs is not the same for every type of PC, as mentioned above. Thus you might be wondering how these PCs have different weight rates even though they are the same model developed over the years. Thus, the answer to your question is that the weight of a PC can change according to many components. Such components are,

  • PC Case – The PC case might be the majority of the PC’s weight as it covers and protects the internal components of the computer, while its average weight is 9.07 kg.
  • Processor– processor belongs to the section of lightweight components in a computer as it usually weighs 59.53 g.
  • RAM – a typical 8GB RAM chip is 32.60 g, and the collection of 4 chips allocates the final weight as 127.57 g.
  • Graphic Card – 1.36 kg
  • Motherboard – 0.9 kg
  • Power Supply -2.27 kg

How Much Do a “PC tower” and “Monitor” Weigh?

There are many PC monitors and towers (a PC cover’s main component). Thus, the weight of monitors varies according to the type, model, and manufacturing company: the same applies to the weight of towers. However, the average weight rate of a monitor is about 15-60 pounds, while a PC tower weighs about 9.07 kg.

Is 1kg Laptop Heavy?

As we mentioned earlier, there many types of PC types. Some of them are laptops, desktops, ultrabooks, and workstations. When we relate to the question, we must know the average weight of a laptop. Thus the average weight of a laptop is about 2-8 pounds (0.9 – 3.6 kg). Therefore, a 1kg laptop cannot be considered a heavy laptop.

Which is Heavier, a Laptop or a Desktop?

Are you considering switching your desktop to a laptop? Aren’t you confident about the weight differences between them? Do not worry. We are right here to help you. It is evident that a desktop is heavier than a laptop as it has bulkier components, and its average weight is around 10-13 Kg, while laptops weigh 0.9- 3.6 kg.

Is 2.3 kg Heavy for a Gaming Laptop?

How cool would it be if you could play games while you are traveling? A gaming laptop is the best option for such a purpose. One might be wondering whether 2.3 kg is heavy for a gaming laptop. Fortunately, it is not. 2.3 kg is the average weight for a gaming laptop, while they may vary between 4-6 pounds (1.8-2.7 kg)

How Heavy should a Student Laptop Be?

Finally made it to your dream college since childhood, but still have not purchased a laptop! You might be dangling between the huge varieties of options. However, if you are not a computer science or design student, you will not need a big laptop in any aspect. Therefore, the ideal option would be a laptop that weighs about 5 pounds (2.2 kg).

Is a Tablet PC Lighter than a Laptop?

Stuck between laptops and tablets. Do not worry; we are here to help. What is the lighter option? A tablet is the lighter option as they usually weigh around 2 pounds, while most laptops weigh much more. Thus the lighter option is the tablet. A tablet is easy to use as it is mobile; even children can use it without complications.

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