how to change message color on galaxy s8

How to Change Message Color on Galaxy S8? [Tips & Tricks]

Despite the fact that we use conversation applications more frequently, effective usage of traditional SMS still seems to be essential. Utilizing a Galaxy S8, this could grow boring to continuously send the same pals the same pictures in SMS. Throughout this article, we’ll answer any queries you might have about “How to change message color on Galaxy S8.”

Can I Change the Color of My Text Messages?

The color of the conversation bubble cannot be completely changed over a Smartphone. To help individuals who have vision problems or those who experience considerable difficulty with certain color palettes, the hues could be changed.

Pick the Correction option that feels most comfortable or pleasant to you based on how your overall eyesight is altered, as well as which hues stand out the most from your perspective. The whole color palette of the device, including Android textual bars, may change.

Typographic options include big, roman, and other styles, as well as alterations to typeface, size, and color. You can also apply a border or a hue to the text.

How to Change Message Color on Galaxy S8?

It’s important for you to become informed that among the aspects that have significantly enhanced only with the introduction of an Android platform seems to be the ability to customize the Samsung Galaxy S8. The software will decide if this type of adjustment is accessible.

Via Settings

  1. Activate the Messages app using a cellphone.
  2. Visit the webpage primarily containing your forums.
  3. There at the upper right edge of the display, touch the multiple tiny dots.
  4. Next, head to the “general settings” area.
  5. “Displays & Signs” would be the area you would want to explore.
  6. Now, you can modify the message colors and the bubble style.

It should be noted that if users can’t view any options, the Mobile application does not have this feature available.

Via Theme

  1. You may access the programs by swiping up the android bottom of the Main screen.
  2. Once you’ve accomplished that, click the icon for the Settings app to navigate to the Wallpapers and Themes sections.
  3. Choose your preferred theme from the choices presented, and utilize it to alter the messaging bubble’s hues.
  4. There should be a link for settings inside the alert bar.
  5. Have seen the display by navigating.
  6. Use the options app to select Zoom and Font.
  7. Name the font style.
  8. You can choose a font from among those already available by picking the font type.

How Do I Change the Background Color on My Text Messages?

The Communication app’s wallpaper can be changed by carrying out the action.

  • Phase 1: Launch any SMS text application that is installed on your device.
  • Phase 2: On the top-right portion of the screen, select hence more option.
  • Phase 3: Click “settings.”
  • Phase 4: From the list of possibilities, select “background.”
  • Phase 5: Choose the backdrop picture you desire to utilize.
  • Phase 6: Your picture can also be uploaded as a cover image. On every smartphone, this picture should be stored.

The ability to alter font or color is missing from certain Mobile devices. The majority of users have griped about the feature’s disappearance following an upgrade. Rest assured that a future update may fix the issue.

If you have the opportunity, follow these steps to customize your messages.

  1. Launch the messaging app.
  2. Choose Menu or More after tapping the 3 dots in the top-right corner of the window.
  3. The next display will have a Backgrounds selection. Alternatively, if it is offered, you might choose the Dialogue Customization option.
  4. After choosing your message’s preferred color, submit it.
  5. By now, the SMS text’s hues ought to have altered.

You may install third-party applications that include the ability to determine if the smartphone is missing the personalization feature for texting.

How Do I Customize My Samsung Messages?

Samsung got you prepared if you’re looking to add some flair to the handset.

Alter the background of your smartphone to alter the appearance of the Messenger program. Go to the Message font choices to change the font. In addition, each speech line can have a different background image or color. You can also change the text intensity and burst opacity on some smartphones.

  1. Apply these suggestions to make the group conversation more personal.
  2. Launch the Samsung Messaging app.
  3. Open the group conversation that needs updating.
  4. Click the three dots in the top right corner of this page to personalize the chat room.
  5. Drag the various colored circles to change the background of the group discussion.
  6. Drag the circle next to “Bubble opacity” to the left and right to modify the clarity of the text balloons.
  7. To sharpen or soften your sentences, drag the circle beneath the word to the left or right.
  8. To make a photo of your wallpaper, choose it and click the Gallery button.
  9. Your decisions for the current group discussion are promptly saved by Samsung Messenger. To have your preferences implemented throughout all chat rooms on the program, click the add to everyone’s conversation forums button.
  10. Touch Reset again to return the discussion area to its settings.

Why Do My Text Messages Change Color on Android?

Android’s communications procurement path has been modified depending on the color variation. Some sentences within Messages are colored differently to distinguish between standard SMS/MMS chats and advanced RCS texting.

On Android, the RCS texting technology is comparable to iMessage with iOS. RCS frequently appear as blue messaging bubbles, as opposed to SMS/MMS communications, which can either be gray or take on the theme’s tone.

You’ll see either blue balloons for RCS communications or a number of other shades for regular SMS/MMS communications based on how the content was transmitted.


Downloading text software or switching the basic typefaces on the smartphone would be an excellent alternative at any time to give it a new appearance. Either one makes messaging enjoyable for you or makes it necessary because it can be the best option for people having vision impairments.

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