how to connect led lights to phone

How to Connect LED Lights to Phone? Seamless Integration!

You can completely transform your living area using the magic of smartphone-controlled smart LED strip lights. You can easily manage your smart devices with the innovative app on your smartphone with no additional hub required. This article will explore how to connect LED lights to phones correctly.

Can you Link LED Lights to Smartphones?

The answer is yes. Bluetooth technology can be used to connect LED lights to your smartphone. With this wireless connection, you don’t need wires or cables. All you need is a Bluetooth-capable smartphone and a Bluetooth-enabled LED light.

The benefit of smart LED lights is that they work with apps on smartphones. Because of these apps, you can change the lighting’s brightness and colour and make unique lighting schedules based on things like the time of day and various activities.

Using the app and WiFi on your smartphone, you can easily direct and personalize your lighting experience with LED lights. This seamless integration improves convenience and allows you to create the optimal ambience quickly.

What are Some Standard Features of Smart LED Strip Lights?

Due to their many features, smart LED strip lights are a versatile and popular option. These LED strips run on low-voltage DC power and comprise multiple individual LED emitters arranged on a small, flexible circuit board.

They are offered in fixed and changeable colours with options for white light in various colour temperatures and colour rendering index.

LED strip lights often arrive in reels that can be cut with scissors to exact lengths. They also have double-sided adhesive already applied for quick mounting on various surfaces, including curves. The power drain of LED strips, measured in lumens per foot, is an important aspect to consider.

You can solder or use solderless connectors to connect LED strips. High-quality LED strips are made to work consistently without considerable heatsinking. Mounting the strips inside aluminium tubes with diffuser covers can improve aesthetics and help with heat dissipation.

Smart LED strip lights offer flexible lighting management because they can be dimmed using conventional phase-cut wall dimmers or DC low-voltage dimmers.

To ensure the best performance and longevity, consider variables like circuit board quality, LED quantity, and surface finish while selecting LED strips.

How to Connect LED Lights to the Phone via Bluetooth?

These procedures should be followed to Bluetooth-connect LED lights to your phone.

  • Ensure your LED strip lights are in the APP Control Version. This kind of LED strip has Bluetooth connectivity for smartphone control.
  • Install the correct app on your device for your LED lights. Make sure you download the app that matches the brand of your LED strip because different brands could have unique ones. For example, you can download the ‘ihomementlight’ app (or ‘govee home’ for the current version) if you own LED lights from the Minger brand.
  • Using the control panel or remote, you can turn on your LED strip lights.
  • Open your phone’s Bluetooth settings to make sure Bluetooth is on.
  • Go to your phone’s LED lights app and open it.
  • Search for nearby LED light sources in the app.
  • Select the device and follow the on-screen steps to connect it to your phone once the app has located your LED lights.
  • IF ALL THE CONNECTING PROCEDURES ARE SUCCESSFUL, your LED lights are now connected to your phone via Bluetooth and can be controlled by the app

With your smartphone, you can now enjoy the convenience of changing the colours, brightness, and lighting effects of your LED strip lights.

How Do I Connect My LED Lights to My Phone via WiFi

How Do I Connect My LED Lights to My Phone via WiFi?

Make sure your LED lights and phone have WiFi before connecting them. You can control LED lights with an app.

Open the app and connect it to your WiFi network as directed to establish a connection between the LED lights and your phone. By connecting the LED lights to your phone, you can change the colors, brightness, and lighting effects. It will give you a convenient and custom lighting experience.

How to Connect LED Lights to a Phone App?

Follow these steps to connect LED lights to your phone app.

Ensure that your LED strip lights are in the APP Control Version. This type of LED strip has Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity for smartphone control.

Make sure you have the right app for your LED lights. Make sure the app you pick works with the LED strip you have.

You can turn on your LED light strips by pressing the power button on the control panel or remote.

Open your phone’s Bluetooth settings and ensure Bluetooth is turned on if your LED lights have Bluetooth connectivity. Open the LED light app on your phone after that. Then follow the directions to connect the lights with Bluetooth.

If your LED lights have WiFi, make sure your phone is connected to your network.

Open the LED light app and follow the on-screen directions to connect the LED lights to your phone app via WiFi.

Once the connection is made, you can change the LED lights’ colours, brightness, and different lighting effects from the app on your phone. It will give you a customized and seamless lighting experience.

How to Control LED Lights with the Phone without Bluetooth?

There are a few ways to control LED lights with your phone and without Bluetooth.

  • Use a Power Supply Adapter – A power supply adapter is usually necessary for LED lights to operate. The LED lights will be powered by connecting them to a power source and turning it on. But you won’t be able to control them using your phone directly.
  • Use an App – Some LED lights contain WiFi connectivity and specific apps that allow you to control them remotely via the WiFi network on your phone. Connect your LED lights to your WiFi network, download the app, and install it.
  • Use a Smart Switch – You can use WiFi on your phone to control the lights by installing smart switches between the power source and the LED lights. These switches provide easy on/off and dimming functionality without Bluetooth.

Numerous apps, including Lumenplay®, Magic Home Pro, Lepro, and LampUX LED Light Controller & Remote, are easily found on the App Store and Google Play. These apps let you control your LED lights over WiFi instead of Bluetooth.

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