how to connect phone to projector via usb

How to Connect Phone to Projector Via USB?

Projector is an essential component for presenters because it enables them to communicate or explain something more effectively with a large audience. With the advancement of technology, it has gradually evolved in terms of suitability and features. So today, our discussion will be how to connect phone to projector via USB.

There are many different kinds of projectors. Some devices are only compatible with desktops and laptops, whereas others can attach to tablets and smartphones. You have several options for sharing your phone’s screen with a projector. Among them, the simplest method is to connect your mobile to the projection system using a USB port.

Can I Connect My Smartphone to Projector via USB?

It could be highly inconvenient if your phone doesn’t interact with the projector, when you’re delivering a presentation. So, you will you be curious to learn if it is possible to attach your smartphone or tablet to a projector via a USB port and if it will work perfectly. Yes, it is possible with a USB cable!

You are not required to worry about this procedure unless your projector has a USB connection. Linking the mobile device via a USB connection is the simplest method. All you should do is attach the cable toward both machines and set your projector to the appropriate transmitter side.

If the projector isn’t equipped with a USB connector, move for an HDMI port as the next option. While nothing else works and you use an old version projector without a USB connection or HDMI, then you should link them with the most challenging method of VGA port through the adapter.

How to Connect Phone to Projector via USB?

There are several methods, in order to do this procedure. Initially, determine whether the phone is consistent with the projector. The easiest way to find out is to consult the projector’s instruction book. You could even connect your mobile device with or without a wire.

There are some considerations to make before integrating mobile to projector. Before linking the phone to a projector, consider the following:

  • If the phone is suitable with the projector.
  • If the mobile phone supports video output.
  • Whether the projector has a USB or HDMI port.

And these are the steps you should follow to connect the phone to the projector via USB:

  • Step 1: Determine Which Linkage Possibilities your Projector Provides

Initially, determine what kinds of connections the projector offers. This is typically found in the device’s guidebook. Step 2 is possible when you recognize the sort of contacts your projector present.

  • Step 2: Examine the Phone’s Functionality

 Another consideration when creating a connection is gaining access to mobile assistance and comprehending which link options exist on your mobile. Some of Samsung’s most recent devices enable a connector that allows you to transfer data from USB to mobile and from mobile to a projection system.

  • Step 3: Choose the Correct Adapter

Now is the time to purchase an adapter to hook the smartphone to a projector. Adapters are available online or in-store for different purposes. Check that you have the correct adapter for the mobile and projector.

  • Step 4: Connect All

 The final step is connecting all the cables. During this stage, you should attach wires to the phone and the projector; ensure that all links are implemented correctly.

If the gadgets aren’t integrated, you must reboot them. The existing system is only feasible if everything is connected correctly. You also need to have the essential equipment to complete the task. 

Can I Connect My Phone to the Projector Wirelessly?

Users could wirelessly connect smartphones to a projector. Based on the type of projector, you can attempt on various options. The latest mobile phone apps enable users to broadcast content to a projector via Wi-Fi. 

Before connecting, you must purchase a low-cost screen dongle box. You can use this device to link your smartphones to other devices, such as speaker systems. There are various methods for connecting these devices, while Wi-Fi being one of the most convenient options.

The primary cause of WIFI’s popularity is the ease with which mobiles could be hooked to projectors. Furthermore, you could interact with a mobile device through a projector without installing third-party applications. The projector must enable wireless communication. As a result, before proceeding to the next level, verify the projector’s abilities through the manual.

How to Connect the Phone to the Projector Wirelessly?

Wi-Fi Direct allows you to wirelessly connect a mobile phone to the projector. It enables streaming of the phone’s screen to the projector via home Wi-Fi.

This is a simple guide for a such wireless connection:

  • Prepare the dongle and a Wi-Fi receiver cord for use. A USB and a power cable must be included with the Wi-Fi receiver.
  • Simply place your dongle into a projector’s HDMI port.
  • Insert the Wi-Fi transceiver power cord into the dongle.
  • Hook up the projector’s USB cable to the receiver. This action contributes to the charge of the dongle.
  • After that, power up and turn on your projector.
  • During this stage, the user could diagnose the Anycast platform.
  • Switch on your phone’s Wi-Fi and give access to Anycast.
  • An Anycast device uses a passcode and inputs a secret password to interact.
  • Access the phone’s screen casting setups and tap Connect. At last, your mobile connects to the projection system effectively.
  • Using Chromecast

Chromecast is another alternative for connecting the mobile device to the projector instead of using HDMI.

  • Samsung Smartphone with Smart View

When you own a Samsung phone, you can utilize Smart View to connect your phone and projector wirelessly.


Integrating your smartphone into a projection screen is an excellent way to communicate with a broader audience. Linking a mobile to a projector is as simple as the procedures described above, which show you how to interact with a mobile to a projection system through wired and wireless connections. As a result, before using, users must be conscious of the various types of cords and compatibility and assess the mobile’s functionality before buying specific connectors or cords. So, enjoy sharing your briefings or videos with the rest of the globe!

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