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How to Delete a Hudl Account? (Step-by-Step Guide) is a video analysis platform used for the analysis of sports events. Agile Sports Technologies, Inc. owns Hudl and was Founded in 2006. The company offers its customers a variety of tools to analyze videos while it gives a range of automated cameras to capture sporting events. It also gives users the option of uploading user videos. Anyone wishing to join Hudl must create a personal or fan account. These accounts can be upgraded to athlete accounts or coach accounts. This article describes how to delete a Hudl account, which is somewhat complicated.

 What is Hudl?

Hudl is a sports performance analysis website that provides many services and products. The company behind Hudl is Agile Sports Technologies, Inc., based in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Though Agile Sports Technologies, Inc. started by serving college and professional American football teams, it has expanded to soccer, basketball, volleyball, and lacrosse.

The provides tools to improve sports teams by reviewing the game footage. The company not only provides video and analytical data services; it also provides a set of automatic cameras to capture the games, and it even allows uploading any videos to

A list of services provided at will be at the end of this chapter, and they can provide vital insights for athletes, coaches, and team managers.

Hudl Sportscode
Insight Studio
Coda Wyscout
Assist Focus
Focus Indoor Focus Outdoor
Focus Flex Sideline
Replay Volumetrics


Why would Someone Want to Delete Their Hudl Account?

There are several reasons why a person wants to remove their Hudl account.

  • An account holder may want to remove the account due to the loss of interest or to move to another site with more benefits.
  • A player/coach may want to delete the account as they leave the Team.
  • They have had a negative experience with Hudl customer support
  • They are concerned about privacy issues with
  • They simply no longer need Hudl

In any case, a player or a coach must get the team administrator to remove the account from the Team and then delete the account. Once the account is deleted, the contents (videos, analytical data, schedules) will be deleted along with the account.

Can you Delete Hudl’s Account?

A Hudl account can be deleted easily. However, deleting a Hudl account has become complicated as various account types exist. There is a team administrator account, coach account, athlete account, and fan account.

Usually, fan accounts are the basic account type that promotes a coach or athlete by adding them to a team. Before deleting an account, it has to be removed from the Team.

The removal of a member from a team can be only done by a team administrator, and once done, the account becomes a normal account or a fan account, which can be removed quite easily.

How to Delete Hudl’s Account?

There are many types of Hudl accounts. Although deleting an account is a simple operation, the prerequisite of deleting them will be different.

Like all organizations, a sporting organization has a certain hierarchy limiting people’s access to important information or deleting it, especially if it is valuable to competitors.

The basic user account of the Hudl is the fan account or the personal account. A personal account becomes a coach or athlete account when joining a team.

A team administrator can only join or remove the accounts of coaches and athletes from a team. Once removed, their accounts become personal or fan, and they will no longer have access to the videos and statistics about the Team.

A coach and athlete can be removed from the Team by following the instructions below.

  • Log in to Hudl as a team administrator.
  • Go to the Team page.
  • Click on the Manage Team button.
  • Click on the coaches or athlete tab.
  • Select the coach or athlete account.
  • Click on the Remove from Team button.

A fan account can be deleted by following the below instructions.

  • Log in to Hudl.
  • Click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Click on “Account.”
  • Select “Delete Account.”

How Do you Merge Two Hudl Accounts

How Do you Merge Two Hudl Accounts?

Merging two accounts is not possible in When the account is in the category of coach or athlete, most management options are handled by the team administrator, as the account types are only meaningful with a team.

However, if there are two accounts, a decision must be taken to delete one. Further, having two hudl accounts will be non-practical and unwanted if they are not fan accounts.

Although merging accounts is impossible, it is possible to download the data from one account and then upload it to another.

Once done, the first account can be deleted. To delete an account, the account category should not be coach or athlete. Deleting a fan account can be done easily, as explained in the previous chapter.


How Do you Leave a Team On Hudl As a Player?

Only a team administrator can remove a player from a team. A player only has a limited role when removing himself from a team. The player can remove the contents of his account and request the team administrator to remove his account from the Team.

Once done, the account becomes a personal or a fan account. The account will be cleared of data if the user does not clear it. If the athlete needs a deleted video, he should be added back to the Team, which will be at the sole discretion of the player’s old team administration.

Once a player is removed from a team, the player goes to the removed player’s list, and the option is there to restore the user.

How Do I Delete My Hudl Team?

  • Deleting a team/Group can only be done by a team administrator.
  • Log in to as the Team Administrator
  • Go to the Team page – > Manage Team
  • Select the Settings tab.
  • Click on Delete Team. And confirm.
  • Enter the password.

Once the Team is deleted, the team administrator will lose access to the Team’s Hudl account. The uploaded videos and data, including the Team’s history, will be deleted, and the coaches and athletes will be removed from the Team and no longer have access to the Hudl account.

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