how to do read more on tumblr mobile

How to Do Read More on Tumblr Mobile? [Step By Step]

Tumblr is a popular website for social networking that allows millions of creators to publish their posts daily. Since this is a short form of a blog, there are some special features to customize the screen capacities. ‘Read more’ option is such a beneficial feature to make your main blog interesting for viewers. It can trim the full length of your post, keeping the main sentence or paragraph on the screen as it is. It takes a couple of seconds to add ‘read more’ for your post, so refer to the below-mentioned details to know how to do read more on Tumblr mobile preciously.

What Does Read More Mean on Tumblr?

‘Read more’ is a link for your Tumblr viewers. It enables anyone to view the full paragraph on your blog. This feature is really helpful when you want to create a longer paragraph. And creators often use it to keep the focus on the lead sentence or paragraph.

When a viewer notices a longer post, he or she might not be interested to read it; their whole dashboard is filled with one post. And you can pack some other posts on the screen because you have enough space through this link. Therefore, use the ‘read more’ option to shorten your longer posts.

When anyone taps on ‘read more,’ the link allows them to view the full post. The link of your particular post exists on the page of your main blog apart from the dashboard of your followers. This option is available on some other social media as well.

How to Do ‘read more’ on Tumblr Mobile?

Follow these steps to add ‘read more’ on Tumblr mobile. There are only a few steps, so you will add it within a few seconds. There are two methods to add ‘read more’ on the post according to the ‘editor’ feature you have applied. First, we will focus on how to add ‘read more’ if you apply the default mode, ‘rich-text editor.’

  1. First, open the post you have published and enable the edit mode. 
  2. Choose the particular paragraph you want to add, ‘read more.’ Then move your cursor to the spot you want to break down.
  3. After, tap on the button, ‘insert read more break.’ you can find it in the posting window on your screen. That icon contains one dotted line with two solid lines.
  4. After that, you can click on ‘post’ to complete the action.

Follow these steps to add ‘read more’ if you have made changes to settings to utilize ‘plain text editor’ on Tumblr.

  1. Open the post you want to edit and select the paragraph that is suitable to break down.
  2. Move the cursor to the particular spot and click ‘enter.’ it will lead to creating a fresh paragraph.
  3. After that, you should type ‘read more.’ when you write it, you will see that there are two lines on the sides of the word, ‘more’ like this ———more———–

You have successfully added ‘read more’ to your Tumblr paragraph. Although you edit the paragraph later, the option ‘read more’ does not disable, so there is no need to add it again and again.

Is there a Keyboard Shortcut to Add ‘read more’ on Tumblr? 

Yes, it is possible to add a ‘read more’ link with a keyboard shortcut. There are two methods to follow according to the computer system you use. First, open the post that you need to add the link to and stay in the posting form.

After, if you use a mac, press ‘command,’ ‘shift,’ and ‘k’ on your keyboard. If you are a windows user, one button should be changed. Press ‘ctrl,’ ‘shift,’ and ‘k’ on your keyboard.

How to Add a ‘read more’ HTML Break in Tumblr?

You have to add an HTML code in order to add a ‘read more’ option using an HTML editor. The correct way has been ordered below.

  1. You will need to access the HTML editor. So first, you have to tap on the gear icon to find it. You can find the icon on the right side of the screen when a post is created or edited.
  2. After that, tap on the drop-down menu, which is located near ‘text editor.’ then you will see a list of options; you should select ‘HTML’ to shift the current mode to HTML mode.
  3. Next, you can see the tags at the beginning and the end of your text. You should type the word as [[MORE]] wherever you want to add the link. Then the link will be added quickly.

How to Add a ‘read more’ HTML Break in Tumblr

However, there is an issue with the above code. If you tap on the ‘preview’ option, the word ‘more’ appears as another word you type on the text. The reason why, the above code is not a standard HTML code. But you do not need to worry about the way it appears to your followers because after the post is published, it looks like a regular link to click and view.

How to Add ‘read more’ Link with the Markdown Editor on Tumblr?

Markdown editor is another tool for editing text on Tumblr. If you have applied it, you can add a ‘read more’ link in the same way as the HTML editor. Choose the particular text you want to shorten. Then type [[MORE]] at the spot to break. 

When you work with this editor, you do not have to face the case of the HTML editor. Although you click on ‘preview,’ you will not see the word, ‘more.’ but when the post is published, the link will be there. 


The ‘read more’ option is really helpful in shortening the posts on Tumblr. So this article guides how to add that link on Tumblr posts. The thing is, Tumblr provides various types of editors to customize your post. So the way to add ‘read more’ vary according to the editor you have applied. However, you can add the link easily by yourself within a few seconds. 

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