how to make a gif for tumblr

How to Make a Gif for Tumblr? [Step By Step]

Tumblr is a well-liked social networking site renowned for its eye-catching design and interesting content. Tumblr is believed to have a youth user base compared to other social platforms. And, tumblr seemed to have been active since 2007 and was acquired by Yahoo in 2013 for $1.1 billion. It now hosts over 217 million distinct blogs with 420 million active users. Making a GIF is one method of producing attention-grabbing material for your Tumblr site. GIFs are brief looping motions embedded in postings to provide visual appeal or convey an idea. So let us find out how to make a gif for Tumblr.

What Exactly is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a social networking website for microblogging. It was established in 2007 and purchased by Yahoo! in 2013. Well over 529 million blogs are hosted there, with a range of content, including fiction novels and artwork, humor, guidance, and much more.

Thanks to the platform’s distinctive community-driven architecture, Tumblr members may publish various items, such as text, photographs, video files, music, and GIFs. Tumblr is often used to connect individuals who have comparable passions.

Tumblr has gained notoriety as a center for artistic and innovative engagement, with a sizable audience among authors, painters, and shooters in especially.

Fan groups and subgroups may now interact and exchange material on this widely used site relevant to their hobbies. Users may engage with one another through comments and messages, following other sites, and sharing and reblogging material.

Each member of Tumblr might have a distinct motivation for using the platform, which is diverse. Customers that use the service can:

  • Make a blog and publish images, clips, and connections to other web pages.
  • Share material with your buddies and followers.
  • Join blogs on the site by subscribing, then comment on or like each article that appears on their Dashboard.
  • Write blog entries and publish them on the website, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, among other networking sites.

Why Would Someone Use Tumblr?

There are several uses for the social networking tool and microblogging website Tumblr. Tumblr is most frequently used for the following purposes:

  • Creativity: Tumblr is renowned for its emphasis on innovation and artistic expression. Individuals frequently use the site to display poetry, photographs, and other artistic expressions.
  • Blogging: Tumblr members are able to establish and manage their personal blogs on which they may communicate and upload information based on their hobbies or passions.
  • Spreading Data: Tumblr is a fantastic tool for finding and disseminating content on a variety of subjects, such as modern media, sports, style, and more.
  • Fandoms: Tumblr has gained popularity as a site where followers of a certain program, film, graphic novel or musician can interact and share their favorite media.
  • Getting in Touch with Others: Tumblr is another social media website that enables individuals to connect with individuals with common hobbies and interact via posts, likes, and reposts.

What Makes Tumblr GIFs So Important?

Tumblr is among the most famous blogging sites accessible today and fully controlled by visual material. Users of the site frequently upload and reblog picture collections, films, and, obviously, GIFs. In just a few hours, the most popular postings may become viral.

What Makes Tumblr GIFs So Important

GIFs successfully blend still images and moving pictures. They are ideal for presenting short tales or a brief sequence of events that can be seen and shared easily on mobile and desktop devices since they are brief, lively, and sound-free.

Most users just search the web for pre-existing GIFs of videos, memes, TV series, or films that others have previously generated to create GIFs that they may upload to their sites. Fans of Tumblr may utilize Giphy as one excellent resource for trending GIFs whenever they wish to add fluid visual material to their posting and reposted descriptions.

How to Make a Gif for Tumblr?

Here’s a guide on using the Tumblr app to create your own GIFs. 

Create a New Picture Post in the Tumblr App

The apple or Android smartphone must be running the most current edition of the Tumblr app or website to make GIFs in the app. GIFs must be made inside the application, not through an internet browser.

Launch the Tumblr application on your mobile device or tablet and login if required.

Click the Write button near the center of the list at the bottom of the screen. After that, touch the red “Post a Picture” button, surrounded by each other post type icon.

A second window will appear with a row of the pictures and movies you currently have on the smartphone and a Picture choice at the upper edge (if you wish to take a picture straight through the application). If you’ve never used this page title via the smartphone app, you may have to grant Tumblr permission to your photographs and videos.

Choose a ‘GIF’-marked Video or Photo Burst

You may discover that a few of your video clips and pictures will get a “GIF” designation in the right-hand column as you browse them. All clips can have it, and any picture bursts—a collection of photographs your smartphone takes in less than a second—will also have them.

The label indicates that it can be converted into a GIF. To create Gifs, click any flash of video or photos.

To only see recordings and picture bursts, you may block out all still images. This facilitates seeing whatever can be converted into a GIF. Just hit the GIFs button near the bottom of the page to achieve this.

Modify the GIF

The GIF would be displayed as a sample on Tumblr. If you choose a clip, it will display the video’s chronology and give you a slider to move through the timeline to choose a three-second sequence to be the GIF.

You may make your GIF smaller by selecting the following option in the upper right-hand corner of the display, and you’re able to adjust the pace so that it plays and loops a maximum of four times quicker than the predecessor. When you implement adjustments, a sample is shown in order to see precisely the way it will appear before it is posted.

Select Next in the upper right corner to make a few supplemental changes. Touch the word or magic wand buttons often to apply various filters, or click the label or text buttons to add amusing stickers.

Put Your GIF Online

The grid of photographs and videos will reappear on display, and you will notice that the clip or image burst you just converted into a GIF is already marked with a blue label. It is, therefore, prepared for publishing.

Here, you could also share the individual GIF you just created or continue to convert further videos or picture bursts into GIFs in order to incorporate numerous GIFs in a particular picture. Press it to create an additional video or photo burst into a GIF. Instead, you may pick the GIF you created and hit the Next option in the top right-hand corner to evaluate and upload it.


Finally, creating a GIF for Tumblr is an enjoyable and artistic activity that calls for some fundamental technical knowledge. To generate a successful GIF, you must first select the best primary sources, trim and modify it to emphasize the important details, then employ an appropriate software application to make the GIF clip. It’s crucial to try out various choices and variables to discover the ideal compromise between quality and file size, regardless of if you’re using a high-end software program or a straightforward web service. 

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