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How to Reset GoPro Session Safely : Step-by-Step Guide

Most performance and connectivity problems can be resolved by doing a complete reset or hard reset with your GoPro. Additionally, if you’re passing the device away, it returns the GoPro’s original settings so you can start over. But How to Reset GoPro Session?

You are able to reset a GoPro Session with the aid of this article. You will be familiar with the soft, factory, as well as hard reset procedures for your GoPro experience.

Why Resetting GoPro Session is Needed?

You can conduct a hard reset if the camera is having firmware problems that are unresponsive to standard fixes. By doing this reset, all user files will be deleted, and all user preferences will be returned to their default values.

The GoPro Session’s Hard Reset will assist with the following.

  • Runtime on GoPro Session is too sluggish.
  • Reset and deactivate the password and code for the screen lock.
  • It could fix freezing and hang up issues.
  • May prevent unforeseen application failures.
  • Prior to selling or after purchasing a phone, wipe the personal data.
  • Restore your GoPro session’s original capabilities.
  • Hanging issues with GoPro sessions.

It is crucial to be aware that factory rebooting the GoPro Session is going to delete all content and settings, especially custom settings, films, and images. To prevent losing any vital data, it is essential to back it up before doing the reset.

How to Reset GoPro Session?

The instruction that follows demonstrates each way to wipe the GoPro Session clean. Examine the steps for doing a hard reset utilizing the hardware buttons or the preferences. The GoPro Session will function perfectly and operate more quickly as a consequence.

How to Soft Reset GoPro Session?

You can execute a soft reset procedure if the GoPro session has been stopped or stuck. Try out the restart procedure. The GoPro Session should restart and begin functioning as a consequence.

  • Start by pressing and holding the menu option for around 10 seconds. Start by pushing for the first 8–10 seconds while holding it.
  • The GoPro Session would then shut off after this.
  • Then, by tapping the Menu switch, you may turn it back on.
  • The gadget needs to restart and enter regular mode.

Well done!

Another option was to use the menu.

  • Navigate to the Main Menu, then choose Settings.
  • Choose Factory Data Reset by opening the backup as well as the Reset folder.
  • Whenever the warning window appears, tap Reset Device and then read it.
  • Choose to delete everything.
  • That completes the reset.

Another approach.

  • First, take the battery and its panel off for a moment.
  • Reinstall the cover, plus the battery in question.
  • Holding down the button that controls the shutter will turn on the GoPro.

You may do a soft reset procedure on the GoPro Sessions if it is frozen or locked.

How to Factory Reset GoPro Session?

It is going to take a little while to finish the hard reset key process. Therefore, restore your battery initially, back up any vital data if you can, and remove your SIM as well as SD card within most circumstances.

  • Start by turning off the GoPro cam.
  • By tapping the Menu switch, you may then activate the status screen.
  • After that, select Exit Menu by repeatedly pressing the Menu key.
  • Then, for around 10 seconds, continue holding down the Shutter key.
  • The final step is to select Yes. To do this, browse using the menu option and verify utilizing the Shutter key.
  • You just complete the factory reset procedure.

The procedure described below is another option.

  • Swipe downward from the home page.
  • Click Preferences.
  • Choose Factory Reset.
  • Tap Reset.

This method resets the year, time, as well as camera login details along with the camera settings and cushion the camera in the GoPro Plus login.

Follow these steps to solely reset the Camera Defaults.

  • Click Preferences.
  • Then choose Camera Defaults.
  • Tap Reset.

The digital camera then resets itself and returns to its default settings. Your cell phone’s information will be completely deleted throughout this hard reset procedure. Execute at sole risk.

How to Factory Reset GoPro Session?

How to Hard Reset GoPro Session?

You can conduct a hard reset if the camera is having firmware problems that are unresponsive to standard fixes. By doing this reset, every user’s files will be deleted, and all user settings will be returned to their default values.

  • Follow these steps to execute a hard factory reset.
  • Turn off the device’s power button.
  • To record, hold down the right-side REC key.
  • Turn on the camera’s main switch.
  • Releasing the REC key will cause the “Initializing” screen to appear.
  • All of a camera’s presets are restored to their initial state.

OR apply the next strategy.

  • The GoPro remote should be connected to your digital camera.
  • Then choose “Camera Reset” in Setup Settings.
  • That’s it. The wifi password, webcam username, as well as time and date settings cannot be changed.
  • The procedure indicated above is another option.
  • Activate the Mode button.
  • Push the mode as well as the Shutter buttons a few times each.
  • Five times before you press the shutter button.
  • Reset may be chosen by pressing the Mode key.
  • Clicking the Shutter button, choose Reset.
  • Utilizing the Mode button, emphasize Reset.
  • Push the shutter release.

What is the Default Password for GoPro Session?

The camera’s preset passcode is goprohero.

When you try to link your cell phone with the device to stream media, occasionally, something happens wrong. A password reset may be necessary in this situation. Some cameras are configured with a factory password, according to GoPro. Simply input the GoPro Hero3 standard password “goprohero.” If you have a Hero3 or Hero3+, then you’re ready to go.

How Do I Access My GoPro Session Settings?

Utilizing the camera’s controls, you may modify a few video and picture settings. Link the device to a GoPro controller (available separately) or the GoPro Application for smartphones to get to all modes plus settings. After you detach the camera, preferences are kept.


Make a video.

Images were taken throughout time

Take pictures at regular intervals.

Replaying video

Continuously capture.

Burst picture

Ten photographs may be taken in a single second.


Take a single picture.


Make necessary camera settings.

Utilizing an electronic device or smartphone, you may adjust all camera modes with the GoPro Application for smartphones. Complete camera management, live previewing, playback and distribution of material, and cam updates to the software are among the features.

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