how to reset the arlo pro camera

How to Reset the Arlo Pro Camera? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Security in the 21st century has been a big challenge to be confronted by the modern mundane, hence why modern technology has allowed humans to obtain many aids from them, including the security surveillance camera technology. When the discussion is on surveillance camera technology, Arlo cameras take the major spotlight with their advancing features. But as users, we are prone to have many complications with our excellent devices. One might wonder how to reset the Arlo Pro camera. We are here to provide the most accurate answers within this intricate discourse.

Why would you Need to Reset Arlo Pro Camera?

If you have been using Arlo Pro cameras for some time, you are more than aware of these technical devices’ occasional chitter and chatter. Though the Arlo mother company does its best to deliver the best out of its genuine efforts and efficiency, a technological device is bound to have faults no matter what. Therefore there is a huge possibility of facing many complications with the cameras after some time of utilization. Some reasons why you might have to perform a factory rest on your Arlo pro camera can be pointed out as,

  • If your cameras are unresponsive to the movement of any indoor or outdoor activities, you may have to factory reset the cameras.
  • If your cameras are always stuck in one image, the first solution is to factory reset the cameras.
  • Moreover, if the cameras appear to be offline even though your cameras are powered on, you may rest the cameras once again.

How to Reset Arlo Pro Camera?

Resetting the Arlo Pro camera is simple enough that you will need to beg for someone’s assistance. You can simply follow the guideline we will give you in this segment, and your Arlo Pro will be resettled within a few minutes. Thus the procedures are,

Procedure to Reset an Arlo Pro Camera

  • First of all, you will have to locate the sync button on the Arlo cameras.
  • Once you locate the sync button, hold it for about 15 or 20 seconds.
  • While holding on to the sync button, you will see the camera LED blinking an amber-crimson color.
  • Once you sight this amber color, let go of the sync button.
  • Make sure to note that the amber LED blinks three times once you let go of the sync button.

Once you successfully complete the above steps, you have to remove the Arlo Pro from your account, which will complete the resetting process. Thus for this procedure, you must follow the following path and complete the reset.

  • Open Arlo secure app >> settings>>my devices>>remove device>>Arlo pro(the camera of your choice)
  • Now you have completed a factory reset on the Arlo camera.

Will Resetting the Arlo Pro Camera Delete My Existing Settings or Recordings?

Resetting your Arlo Pro will be a scary thing to be executed if you have no prior experience in doing so. Thus, you must be wondering whether your existing recording will disappear from performing the factory rest.

Yet you do not need to worry while the factory reset will remove all your preferred settings, it will not get rid of your recordings. The feature” factory setting” itself says that it will make changes in your settings, making the settings you had set for your camera’s function into the original scenes that the manufacturing company had set earlier.

However, if you have yet to delete your account from the app, your recordings will also not be removed from the camera.

Therefore there will be no need to be scared of losing your recordings while doing a factory reset; however, it will be best to ensure you have a backup plan to preserve your footage on a cloud account.

What Happens After I Reset Arlo Pro Camera

What Happens After I Reset Arlo Pro Camera?

Resetting the Arlo Pro will be another solution for your unresponsive, glittery camera. However, what will happen after I reset the cameras? You might be scared of doing the factory rest as you fear the later consequences.

Therefore we are here to help you conquer your fears. A factory reset means that the cameras installed in your home or workplace under certain features and settings you prefer will all be changed during the rest.

This rest will take the cameras back to their original form, running on the default settings the manufacturing companies had bestowed upon them. Thus you will need to set your preferences again after the reset.

Moreover, if you doubt whether you will lose your recording after a rest, you will only if you delete or deactivate your account.

Thus you will be surprised with the final product of your factory rest in which you will have a camera that will be as good as a brand new one that will not be unresponsive anymore. Voila, your and your home’s security is secured.

How to Set Up Arlo’s Camera After Resetting It?

You have successfully resettled the Arlo camera following the guidelines we presented to you earlier, and now you are waiting to se how to reset the cameras to their expected version. Here we go again! Just follow our footsteps, and you will have your cameras resettled into your version of the best performance.

  • As mentioned earlier, you performed,

Open Arlo secure app >> settings>>my devices>>remove device>>Arlo pro (the camera of your choice)

This step earlier to complete your factory rest. From this step onwards, your Arlo camera is not in the connected device list on your app. Thus you will have to add your removed device to your app and then change all the preferences in the settings later.

Thus we will see how to execute it properly

  • Open Arlo Secure App>> settings>> my devices>> Add new device>> Select the Arlo device that you intend to add>> Select the Arlo model of the particular device.
  • Now you will be reconnected to your camera with the strength of your Wi-Fi.

Now you know to factory reset and resettle the Arlo camera without calling for a professional.

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