how to restart spypoint camera

How to Restart SpyPoint Camera? Mastering the Restart!

You might need to do a factory reset on any Spypoint Link-Dark wireless mobile cameras if you’re having issues with it, wish to sell or gift it to another person, or if you have any other reasons. How to restart SpyPoint camera? You’ll learn how to accomplish it swiftly and easily from this post. In this article, you will discover how to reset the SPYPOINT Flexible camera and what you can do when the spypoint camera isn’t working. Find out what it takes to evaluate a spypoint cam as well as how long they survive.

How to Restart Spypoint Camera?

The procedure for activation is seen here.

Pick a Type of Gadget

You must choose the model of your SpyPoint gadget from the available selection list. 

Device Recognition

  • Choice 1: You may activate your gadget by using the camera in the mobile device to scan the information matrix.
  • Alternative 2: You may manually turn on your device by entering the activation code.

Solution three: Read your SIM card barcode.

The fourth choice: Input the SIM number directly.

Acknowledgment of Activation

A screen thanking you for properly registering the gadget will appear if the activation proves successful. 

Turn On the Camera You’re Using

You need to turn the device ON if it was previously activated employing the sticker found under its battery cell or tray.

Can Restarting My Spypoint Camera Fix the Issues?

For an imaging device that is not working correctly or giving you problems, check the Spypoint application. To fix the problem, simply delete the recording device and then activate it again.

You have a camera that is not adequately backing you, even if it is a Spypoint issue. The problems could be as follows.

  • About performance.
  • Capturing no pictures using the camera.
  • Failing to connect to the Spypoint app.
  • The software advises calling Spypoint Help.
  • The app cannot be used to purchase any plans.
  • The Spypoint software suddenly displays an OOPS notification.

Never be hesitant to reach out to Spypoint Assistance if the problem continues.

What to Do If your Spypoint Camera is Not Working?

Make sure every outlet is switched on first.

If your digital camera won’t turn on, try these steps.

Put some brand-new batteries into the camera’s battery compartment.

NiMh batteries that recharge (AA) can only give 1.2V. Therefore be careful to avoid using these. An alkaline battery delivers 1.5V.

When you can, use a voltmeter to check the power level of the cells. Good batteries have a voltage of above 1.35V.

Verify that the battery connections are correctly contracting. If not, gently bend the two edges to make contact once again.

Follow these steps if the camera won’t capture images.

Check to see if an SD card has been properly formatted.

A new SD card could work.

Check to see whether moving in close to the sensor that detects motion causes the camera to light up red in testing mode.

Verify the schedule has the camera set up correctly.

If your digital camera won’t turn on, try these steps.

Restart the application.

Try removing the program first, then reinstalling it.

How Do I Reset My SPYPOINT Flex Camera?

Make use of the “Reset” option.

Find the device’s reset option.

Put a paperclip or similar thin item into the reset lever and hold it in place for five to ten seconds.

After between five and ten seconds, let go of the reset lever and allow the device to restart.

The device is going to be returned to its factory setting state after the restarting process is complete.

Take the Batteries Out

When your Spypoint camera’s reset function isn’t functioning, replacing the batteries can be of assistance.

Create a New SD Card

You might attempt to format the memory card.

Refresh the Firmware

When the Spypoint video is still acting up, the software may need to be updated.

Submit a Support Ticket to Spypoint

The best course of action is to get in touch with customer care.

Bring the Camera Back

The final alternative is to give the camera back.

Upgrade your Camera

Perhaps all you need to do is buy a fresh Spypoint device.

How to Test Spypoint Camera?

Following the directions, place the batteries inside the battery container.

Using the illustration in the image next to the memory card slot’s opening up, insert an SD as well as a microSD card into it.

Switch On your Device

Verify that your device behaves as recommended by the Quick Start Guidelines. Attempt to restore your gadget to factory settings if it is not functioning properly.

To Capture Pictu, Turn On your Camera

resVisit the gadget’s online support page to contrast the version of firmware stated with that which appears on the status screen for that gadget in the application to make sure you’re running the most recent firmware containing the most recent problem patches and features.

Even though updates are not required for functioning right out of the box, it is nonetheless recommended that you send the gadget into the field using the most recent firmware release.

Spypoint Camera Not Communicating with Phone, Why

Spypoint Camera Not Communicating with Phone, Why?

The remaining charge of your mobile device at the moment may differ from the battery life displayed on the status page. The level of signal follows the same logic. The gadget enters survival mode and communicates only once per 24 hours after four missed contacts in a row.

Log through the application, go to the Cameras menu, and then click Last Conversation to confirm the Last Communication. The date and hour of the most recent contact should be noted.

By choosing the Cameras tab in addition to Settings beyond Cellular Setup, you can check both Transfer Frequency as well as First Transfer Time.

You are now able to figure out how many communications were missed if any that are missing. 

Utilizing the “Transfer Frequency” that your mobile device is configured to, you may determine the number of transfers it missed.

The next step is to confirm the Last Communication, meaning the most recent photo transmission from the camera.

Once you are aware of whether your device is in communication, you may attempt to fix the problem.

How Long Do SPYPOINT Cameras Last?

Certain of our camera models may use a SPYPOINT lithium-ion battery charge pack. The rechargeable battery should be charged for no more than 12 hours, according to the manufacturer. 

A minimum of six months of continuous autonomy for your camera are possible thanks to the solar energy source. Charge the display with the electrical power converter for 5 to 6 hours prior to installation.

Attach it to the device’s 12V output port after installation. The panel should be faced south to receive the most light feasible.

This inside battery receives solar energy from the sun’s rays, yet it still has to be charged. The included SPYPOINT charging cable ought to be plugged in for between 24 and 48 hours while doing this. 

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