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How to Turn Off HD Calling? [Step By Step Guide]

High Definition phone conversations with HD Voice have less ambient sound for crystal-clear and sharp audio interactions. The tone of your discussions might seem more casual. It’s almost like the voice on the receiving end of a phone is standing right beside you. However, some people might be curious about “how to turn off HD calling.”

So to speak

How to turn off HD calling? When deactivating VoLTE HD conversations, click and drag on the Mobile data symbol inside the notification shade after tumbling down from either the taskbar.

HD Voice: What Is It?

High-resolution voice conferencing is known as HD Voice. Wideband sound tech provides a higher call quality standard. HD Voice effectively accomplishes two tasks by increasing the frequency spectrum of sound transmissions.

  • Creates audio that is crystal-clear, bright, and realistic-sounding.
  • Minimizes ambient noise inside any setting.

How does HD Voice Operate?

VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution) new tech makes it feasible to use HD Voice. Both words are frequently interchanged by carriers. The next iteration of VoIP, which allows for internet-based cell service, is VoLTE. VoLTE is comparable to VoIP, with the exception that it places and receives calls through a service’s LTE cellular connection rather than Wi-Fi.

With regard to voice conversations as well as data transmission, VoLTE cellphone users especially take advantage of the 4G Mobile networks. Calls made using 4G LTE offer superior voice quality and quicker speeds than those made using previous carriers.

You may use HD Voice using 4G LTE technology, and the audio quality is online with some other HD Voice-capable services like Skype. In comparison to prior systems, HD Voice offers fuller, more human-sounding conversations.

What Conditions Must be Met for HD Voice?

Enough Capacity for High-speed Broadband

As a result of HD Voice’s greater bitrate consuming more information than a standard-quality telephone discussion, ensure that internet service has adequate bandwidth to accommodate all of the channel’s HD Voice conversations.

Voice-Supporting HD Codec

The network operator should offer G.722, AMR-WB (G.722.2), Extended Voice Service (EVS), and Opus for HD calls to be made on such a 4G, 5G, and VoIP connection. Thankfully, the majority of ISPs accept a number of such codecs.

Using Sound Isolation Software, A phone, or Other Devices

Mobile, as well as VoIP gear, such as headphones, hard telephones, or portable devices, must feature noise-canceling software to provide the best high-definition audio speaking experiences possible. This equipment identifies and reduces ambient sound during calls, allowing callers to hear a more distinct speech signal.

What Advantages does HD Voice Calling Offer?

Improved Sound

The higher and lower extremities of genuine speech sounds that are missed by bandpass voice transmission are captured by HD Voice broadband codec at a rate from several hundred Hz. This results in richer audio that simulates genuine conversation for HD Voice users.

Better Conference Call Results

During conference conversations with many participants, HD Voice’s improved audibility is a significant advantage. When numerous users are speaking at one time during a teleconference using HD Voice, it is simpler to discern between each speaker’s voice as well as what they are saying, which eliminates the requirement for repeating and lowers levels of annoyance.

Translations of Voicemails that are Accurate

Voicemail subtitles are a common function for VoIP users. However, they can occasionally irritate users with faulty transcribing, which happens more frequently whenever the entering speech needs to be more coherent and precise.

Enhanced Client Experience

Effective service delivery is what customers demand. Advisors and consumers who are repeatedly asked to repeat themselves due to poor voice quality suffer from strained interactions, which is bad for trade relationships.

HD Voice is an example of a consumer system that is of a competent caliber and minimizes repetition. As a result, calls will be faster and more effective, and first-call clearance rates will rise along with the CSAT rating.

Most Effective Bandwidth Use

A VoIP connection requires the use of a single codec, although the majority of access networks provide a variety of codecs. The much more effective codec that is allowed by capacity and shared from both sides is immediately employed when a call connects by cellular or VoIP phone systems.

Using separate codecs for concurrent conversations allows several members of the team who share a connection to the internet, as well as VoIP providers, to make the most of the available network capacity.

No Further Setup is Required

The telephone system will automatically give the best sound quality throughout every conversation without having to download or activate anything about it because VoIP PBX platforms and portable devices already come equipped with the codecs and noise-canceling components for HD Speech.

In the VoIP or cellular company’s Settings screen, you may go to the cellphone provider connection to deactivate HD Voice. Now, how to turn off HD calling?

How to Turn Off HD Calling?


  • Find Apps on a Home button by going there. Select Settings next. Choose Enhanced Calling. Go to Settings if it still needs to be added. The Internet & Network option. Choose Advanced Calling.
  • To activate or deactivate Advanced Calling, touch the button.
  • To activate or deactivate while being on, press one of the following.
  • A checkbox indicates that it is active.


  • Access Settings by going to the Main screen. Choose the Settings icon. Toggle to Cellular. Sliding left will provide you accessibility to the App Library even when an application is still not present on the Main screen.
  • Then choose Cellular Data Settings. If more than one SIM account is active, choose the proper primary or backup line before moving on to stage 3.
  • Select Voice & Data. Activate LTE if it’s not already selected.
  • To start activating VoLTE, click the button. This might need up to two minutes. If not, select Voice & Data.
  • The inconsistent insert should be deleted in to enable HD Voice when registration is unsuccessful, which happens after 6 minutes, as well as the device resets.

Microsoft Phone

  • To view the list of apps, slide left on display.
  • Select All applications as an option.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select cellular and SIM.
  • Click on SIM options.
  • To activate or deactivate Advanced Calling, touch the button.

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