how to underline text in google sheets

How to Underline Text in Google Sheets? Easy Steps!!!

The underline option highlights and emphasizes the keywords in your google sheet; doing so makes it easy to identify the essential facts and figures without looking for them and getting frustrated in the process. There are nearly five ways to add and remove underlined text in google sheets. In this article, we will discuss a common problem for which many people would want answers on how to underline text in google sheets. It is very simple to highlight words that are important in google sheets. It follows some easy steps; one can even use the same format for all the sheet cells. In this article, we will cruise you through where the underline tool is in google docs, what is underlining, its benefits, how to make a thick line, how to change the colour of the underline used, and many more.   

What is Underlining in Google Sheets?                

The underlying tool we see in google sheets is identified as a great text highlighting tool used as a formatting feature.

Google sheets highlight the text by adding a direct line under that keyword. We can do this lining in many ways. For example, we can add an underline tool to an entire set of the text of a cell, a part of a sentence or paragraph, to a specific word or figure, by using an android or iOS app or even by accessing the sheet using a web browser in your laptop or PC.

The underline tool is quite important to emphasize that a word, fact or figure in the sheet is important and needs attention. It also makes it easier to find the keyword that needs to be addressed without searching for it all over the text pool. If you do not require the underline anymore, it can also be removed easily as necessary. 

Where is the Underline Tool in Google Docs?

The underline tool in google Sheets is found in the formatting toolbox. One can click on the format tab of the sheet menu, and from the lists of formatting options available, click on underline. It is just as simple as that.

Now, let’s look into the steps to follow in order to underline words in a single cell or entire rows of cells with a few clicks.

  1. The first step is to select the text that requires underlining or the rows and columns necessary for texts that need to be underlined.
  2. Next, navigate the pointer to the format tab of the tools menu in the google sheet workbook and click on the underline option from the drop-down list of tools provided.
  3. The text you selected will be quickly underlined.

If you happen to use google sheet on your mobile device, make sure to follow these steps to guide you:

  1. The first step is to highlight or select the cells you want the underline for and simply press or click option A with lines available in the top command bar.
  2. Doing so will give you access to many formatting options, from which you can click on the text tab.
  3. The next step is to select option U. The text will be underlined.

The easiest way to underline the texts will be to use the shortcut available. First, select the text that needs underlining and then press ctrl + U from the keyboard.

What are the Benefits of Underlining Text in Google Sheets?       

Underlining is a formatting tool used to draw attention to the text, emphasizing the importance of the text; here are some of the benefits of using this formatting tool in google sheets;

  1. Underlining the text enables other users to easily understand hidden comments and information when highlighted. Or sometimes, a keyword deemed important by one user may not be identified as important by another user unless underlined.
  2. When the text is underlined, the particular text stands out, making it easy to read and understand quickly.
  3. Underlining the text creates clarity and the proper emphasis on the meaning of texts included in the cells. You don’t have to worry about unnecessary clutter in the cells.
  4. Underlining the texts can make the sheet look sleeker and more organized, with professionalism and a consistent appearance. This makes the text easy to identify as important.             

How Do you Make a Thick Underline in Google Docs?

Sometimes you require to maintain a consistent thickness to the text underline used. Follow these steps to change the thickness of the horizontal line below the text;

  1. Once the line is drawn under the text, select the line to change the thickness- there will be a blue border surrounding the line.
  2. formatting toolbar will appear on the screen when the underline is selected. On that, click on the option that says line weight and change the thickness you desire. The thickness ranges from 2x to 24x. But remember, you cannot customize the thickness you want; you can only choose from what is provided.

How Do I Change the Underline Colour in Google Sheets? 

Changing the colour of an underline is not as easy and direct as adding a line under the sentence or word. Changing the underline colour requires you to follow these steps;

How Do I Change the Underline Colour in Google Sheets

  1. Go to the insert menu of google docs, select the option draw and click on New. Next, draw the line under the text or sentence you need to underline by pressing the shift key and drawing a horizontal line.
  2. After drawing the line below the text, click the tool line colour available in the toolbar. You will have a wide range of colours to choose from.
  3. Choose a colour you like to change to; as the colour is changed, click on save and close. This will complete the task.

What is the Shortcut to Underline Text in Google Sheets?   

  As mentioned above, the easiest way to underline the texts will be to use the shortcut available. First, select or highlight the text that needs underlining; the text can be a word, sentence or even a paragraph. And then press ctrl + U from the keyboard. The selected text will be underlined. The other simple way to do it is to select the text and click the icon on the formatting toolbar.

Why Isn’t the Underline Showing Up in Google Docs?     

It is important to have the latest version of the google docs extension to have the editing tools visible. Another reason could be that the text is not highlighted or selected to underline. Sometimes it may not show when there is a bug or technical glitch in the docs.

When that happens, try to refresh the page and try again. Sometimes the underline tool does not support certain font styles and font types. So, make sure to change the text font and check for the underline to appear. It is nothing serious as an issue; these are common and minor issues to address easily.


In conclusion, you should note how underlining the text can help validate and clarify a text to be important and to easily draw attention from other users to the text, emphasizing the keywords to be used. This enables users to read the google sheet and docs with clarity and easy accessibility. So you do not have to worry about the text being hidden from other users.

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