Redeem Your Crunchyroll Gift Card

How to Redeem Your Crunchyroll Gift Card?

Got a Crunchyroll gift card and excited about how to use it? Well, if you are an Anime lover, you are about to learn the entire process of redeeming a Crunchyroll gift card and enjoying some amazing and cool features be it a digital gift card or a physical one. Let’s get started.

How to Redeem Your Crunchyroll Gift Card?

Here is how to redeem a Crunchyroll gift card.

1st Step – Visit the Crunchyroll directly to the Crunchyroll gift card redeeming page or click on your Avatar > Gift Card.

navigate to crunchyroll gift card option

2nd Step – Enter the gift card code in the field provided. There are two different forms of Crunchyroll gift cards: digital and physical. The only difference when it comes to redeeming is that the code on digital cards is immediately visible, while for physical cards, you will have to scratch the card to reveal the code.

Enter the code of your Crunchyroll gift card

3rd Step – Click on “Continue” to redeem the Crunchyroll gift card. The value of the gift card will be added to your Crunchyroll account immediately.

Can you Buy Crunchyroll Premium With a Gift Card?

Yes, you can buy Crunchyroll Premium using a gift card. once you redeem the gift card and add its value to your account, you can check how Crunchyroll subscriptions work, select one according to your preference, and use the account balance to purchase a premium plan.

Are Crunchyroll Gift Cards Region Locked?

Most store-bought Crunchyroll gift cards are region-blocked. This means the gift card has to be redeemed in the country where it was purchased. However, it’s the opposite with online Crunchyroll gift cards, as more often than not, you can redeem them regardless of the place you live.

So, when buying a Crunchyroll gift card, it’s essential to ensure it matches the region of the recipient’s account.

From Where Can I Buy Crunchyroll Gift Cards?

You can buy Crunchyroll gift cards directly from their store. Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, and Gamestop are some other reliable places you can consider for purchasing Crunchyroll gift cards.

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