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Roomba Squeaking – Here’s What You Can Do!

The world of cleaning and vacuuming has teleported into a world filled with modern technologies. The extensive use of iRobot has invaded the daily chores, making everyday life a bit easier. Thus with the topic of iRobot, we are exposed to the Roomba vacuum cleaners, which have won their name in the global market as one of the best vacuum cleaners helping maintain modern innovative home technologies and the concept. However though the Roomba devices are known for their fantastic functionality, some customers have reported their Roomba squeaking, to which we will respond through this article.

Is Roomba Squeaking Normal or a Sign of a Problem?

Technological devices are meant to be great and also to be faulty from time to time. However, while we appreciate the incredible functionality, we cannot appreciate or justify the faults. Thus, Roomba devices are also equipped with many flaws, like the squeaking noise we discuss in this article.

However, if you only notice this squeaking from your Roomba, it can be justified as a normality of the device.

It becomes an abnormality when the squeaking becomes a continuous and constant squeak that annoys you 24/7, and this, for most of the time, is a cry for help by the Roomba vacuum cleaner.

Will a Squeaking Roomba Still Clean Effectively?

As we mentioned above, the constant squeaking of the Roomba is a severe underlying issue that you have to pay attention to quickly. However, if this is the concern, one might wonder whether the Roomba will still clean effectively.

The answer is YES! The Roomba will be able to clean effectively even if it is constantly squeaking though it is an annoying sound.

However, if the squeaking is an issue of the interior components, you won’t be able to experience effective cleaning from the Roomba as the internal issues will affect the cleaning process; therefore, it is best to fix the problem quickly before it gets any worse.

Does the Warranty Cover Roomba Squeaking?

The Roomba, like many other technological devices, does have the insurance of having a warranty. However, you will only be able to receive the warranty facilities if you purchased the Roomba vacuum cleaner from a Roomba market place not from a third-party broker.

Therefore, buy the Roomba vacuum cleaner from a certified Roomba store only. Moreover, Roomba vacuum cleaners usually have three years of Warranty.

Nonetheless, this Warranty of three years does not accommodate the squeaking of the Roomba, as the reasons behind this could be the utter negligence of maintenance instructions and the typical wear and tear of the vacuum cleaner parts.

Why does My Roomba Squeak?

There can be millions of reasons for the Roomba vacuum cleaners to squeak like a rat looking for its family. Thus it is vital to discover the causes behind this squeaking noise to fix this issue. Hence in this section, we will discuss the possible causes of the squeaking issue that has been bothering you.

First, if you have long hair or pets that shred a lot, it could become an issue either way. The hair could get tangled in the vacuum cleaner’s flat brush and side brushes. This means that the meetings will be stuck with the tangled hair on them, which could ultimately result in the squeaking sound of the Roomba.

Moreover, if the metal parts lack proper lubrication, you might have a problem with them rubbing against each other, resulting in a squeaking sound.

Moreover, the brush holder can lack lubrication, in which the movements of the brushes will be minimal. Thus, the little moments of the brushes will also make the squeaking sound more constant.

Thus with all these reasons that we have given here, it must be evident that the proper lubrication and maintenance of the Roomba vacuum cleaners are highly vital for the vacuum cleaners.

Why does Roomba Make Weird Noises on Hardwood Floors?

As mentioned earlier, Roomba squeaking can result from millions of reasons which can be prevented and solved easily as well. However, the squeaking occurring on hardwood floors and not carpeted floors could be questionable to the user.

The reason behind this is the compatibility of Roomba with different floor types. The vacuum cleaners of Roomba are not entirely compatible with hardwood floors and wooden floors.

Thus, as much as we like to help you with this issue, it is not up to us to make the Roomba vacuum cleaner compatible and efficient in functioning on hardwood floors.

How to Fix a Squeaking Roomba

How to Fix a Squeaking Roomba?

Now as we have successfully figured out the causes behind a squeaking Roomba, it is time to find compatible solutions to solve this issue. If not, the squeaking will drive the homeowners crazy soon. Thus to find the answer, we need to see where this squeaking sound is coming from.

Thus, pay extra attention to the Roomba vacuum cleaner and ensure the placement of the origin of the squeaking noise.

Once you have figured out the place, you can follow the necessary guideline matching the reason behind the squeaking of your Roomba.

If hairs are tangled in the brushes, the first thing you need to do is detangle the brushes. Thus to do so, you first have to obtain a screwdriver and remove the brush from the main body of the Roomba.

Once done, you could easily cut off all the hair debris or anything tangled to the brushes. Next, make sure to give them a super clean-up as well. As the last step, attach them to the Roomba again.

Consider lubricating the side brush module if this does not cure the issue. Then you could move on to the gearbox inside the side brush module, which could be jammed due to the non-lubricated module. Therefore ensure to lubricate the two given parts very well.

Furthermore, cleaning the wheels of the Roomba is another solution, as the wheels could be stuck with insufficient lubrication as well. Therefore remove all the dust and debris from the wheels and lubricate them.

After lubrication, ensure you do not turn the Roomba upside down before letting the lubricating oil dry off.

However, if these solutions do not work, dismantle the entire Roomba, clean up the machine, and put it all together.

Roomba Squeaking While Charging, Why?

Now as we have discussed all the possible causes and the effects behind the squeaking sound of the Roomba, it is time we discuss another issue in which the squeaking sound appears while the Roomba is charging.

How could this happen? The most straightforward answer is that the charging ports might have a loose connection at hand. If not, the power source you currently use is not the most compatible and assuring power source.

Therefore to fix this error, we recommend using a new power plug and ensure that or have connected the charging ports correctly.

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