spotify group sessions are not working

Spotify Group Sessions are Not Working – Fixing Issues with Playback!

Are Spotify group sessions not working? You’ve come to the correct place if you’ve had trouble using Spotify’s Group Sessions’ interactive and collaborative features. This article is developed to give you answers, insights, and troubleshooting advice so that you can get beyond any obstacles that might be getting in the way of your Group Sessions running well.

With Spotify Group Sessions, you can listen to the same playlist or podcast with your friends in real time, wherever you are. This feature adds an extraordinary depth to music sharing. However, when things go differently than planned, technology can occasionally provide obstacles that might be frustrating. We’re here to assist you in working through these challenges, whether you’re unable to start a session, experiencing playback hiccups, or running into connectivity issues.

What are Spotify Group Sessions?

The purpose of Spotify Group Sessions is to improve the shared musical experiences of friends and family. Regardless of their physical locations, it enables many users to listen to the same playlist, podcast, or music track simultaneously.

A collaborative tool called Group Sessions lets users host or join sessions and engage with the music in real-time. An interactive and timed listening experience is produced by participants’ ability to play, pause, skip, and add music to the shared queue.

This feature is helpful for social events, road trips, parties, or just interacting electronically with friends while listening to music.

It turns listening to music alone into a social activity that is dynamic and inclusive, encouraging a sense of enjoyment and community.

How to Join Group Sessions On Spotify?

You must scan the host’s QR code or click on the invite link they share with you to join a group Spotify session.

  1. To achieve this, tap Scan
  2. Tap the Available Devices symbol in the playing screen’s lower-left corner to join.
  3. What music is played during the group session is also up to you.

Why are Spotify Group Sessions Not Working?

  1. The presenter and each participant in a Spotify Group Session must be Spotify Premium subscribers to use the feature. Without a Premium subscription, no one in the group can participate in the session. To determine whether a user has a Premium subscription, look for the Premium emblem next to their name in the Spotify app.
  2. Spotify Group Session can only function properly with a steady internet connection. The group session might not go smoothly if you or anybody else in the group has a sluggish internet connection. Make sure your cellular or wireless data connection is dependable. You may want to consider finding ways to fix Spotify Internet Connection Problems in order to ensure your Group Session runs smoothly.
  3. If the Group Session isn’t working, try closing and reopening the Spotify app. This should resolve any momentary issues the app may be having. Swipe up from the bottom to leave Spotify on an iPhone or iPad. On Android, tap the app switcher and swipe it to the left to end Spotify.
  4. Clearing the app’s cache can be helpful if Group Session on Spotify is giving you problems. Tap the Menu button, followed by Settings, Applications, Spotify, Storage, and Clear Cache on an Android device. Open iOS and navigate to General > iPhone Storage > Spotify > Offload App. When you do this, the software will clear any cached data and restart the next time you activate it with fresh data.
  5. Don’t worry if Spotify Group Sessions run into problems! Discord’s fantastic “Listen Along” function has got you covered. Join your pals to dance to the same beats by connecting your Spotify account. No matter the distance, it’s the ideal technique to maintain synchronicity and the music party. Let your positive energy soar on Discord. Listen Along.
  6. Test hosting or joining the Group Session from a different device to see if that helps. You can target the issue at a particular device or the Spotify app or service. If Group Session works on another device, the initial device is likely the problem.
  7. The most recent version of the Spotify app is required if you wish to listen to music on a mobile device. Your current software might not support group sessions. You can check the iTunes Store and Google Play Store for updates by searching for the Spotify app. It is recommended that you restart Group Session once you have installed any available updates.
  8. You can always contact Spotify’s support staff if you’ve attempted the measures mentioned earlier and still have issues.

What is the Limit On Spotify Group Sessions


What is the Limit On Spotify Group Sessions?

There is a 2-hour time limit and a 5-person maximum for Spotify group sessions. However, this may change depending on the session type and the device you use.

Does Spotify Group Session Work without Premium?

Only Spotify Premium members have access to the Group Session function. With the help of Group Session, Premium users can enjoy synchronized listening to music with their friends or family members.

Is Spotify Group Session Only for Mobile?

Spotify group sessions are available on the desktop as well. On your PC, you may start a group session by selecting “Start a group session” from the Connect menu in the lower-left corner of the play screen. You can invite up to 7 friends to join your group session by sharing a link or your Spotify code.

Does Spotify Group Session Sync?

Everyone invited can choose what plays in a group session. However, there may be a brief delay of 0.5 to 1.5 seconds owing to technical issues. You can start a remote group session and invite your friends by tapping the device symbol at the bottom of the screen.

  1. To begin a group meeting,
  2. copy the link and add friends.
  3. Once your friends have copied the link, have them paste it into the app’s search bar.
  4. A screen will then appear with a button to join the session.

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