what does last seen on telegram mean

What does Last Seen on Telegram Mean? (Understanding Telegram’s Last Seen Feature)

Most social media platform uses some simple techniques to show the online and offline status of its users. On most platforms, it is known as ‘last seen.’ If you use the Telegram application to stay connected with others, you might have noticed that there are several types of last-seen statuses. Thus, it is worth getting a clear idea about the last seen on Telegram. What does last seen on Telegram mean? Today we are going to discuss the meaning of the last seen status on Telegram. If you are curious to know, scroll down; everything has been explained well.

What is the ‘last seen’ Status on Telegram? 

You can open the chat room of your friend. Then you can see whether the friend is online or offline at the moment by checking the current status under their name.

If your friend is offline, Telegram shows the time that he or she was online for the last time; it is known as last seen on Telegram. Whenever you open a chatroom, you can see the last seen. In the default settings, the last seen is allowed for any user in Telegram.

But lately, Telegram has used some common phrases to indicate the status of its users instead of showing the exact time. Indeed, these changes can be made by the users in the ‘Privacy’ section of Telegram

Then the exact time and date that the user was online are not shown. Instead, you will see some phrases such as ‘Last seen recently’, ‘Last seen within a week’. ‘Last seen within a month’, etc. Accordingly, you are able to hide the exact time and date you were online on Telegram.

How does Telegram Determine the ‘last seen’ Status? 

At the point you are creating a Telegram account, Telegram can access your network. Thus, whenever you are online, your current status can be determined by Telegram.

Therefore, when you disconnect the connection, the last time and date are recorded to show the last seen on Telegram. Since your network frequencies are caught by Telegram, there is no doubt of the last seen.

It is accurate. Last seen is applied to any users in the default settings, but it is up to you to show or hide the time because Telegram has allowed the users to change the privacy settings.

Can I Hide my ‘last seen’ Status on Telegram? 

Yes, of course! You can hide the last seen. Then the excluded parties will not see the exact time and date. The privacy settings allow you to hide it from every user on Telegram.

Then no one can see the time you were online. Or else, it is possible to hide last seen from some particular person or group of persons as you wish.

Then some of your contacts only can see the last seen while the excluded persons cannot. Moreover, you can keep your last seen visible within only your contact list.

If you want to hide last seen, here is what you need to do. Click on the three lines of your screen to go to the ‘Settings’ tab. Then navigate to ‘Privacy and Security’ > ‘Last Seen and Online.’ Then select the people you want to show your last seen.

What does It Mean When Someone’s ‘last seen’ Status Changes Frequently

What does It Mean When Someone’s ‘last seen’ Status Changes Frequently? 

If someone’s last seen status changes often, that means the user keeps active on the platform. He or she might chat with friends more often using Telegram. Then their last seen is changed continuously because the last seen is updated.

On the other hand, when someone has applied a privacy setting to his or her last seen, you are not able to guess how much the user is active on Telegram.

How does the ‘last seen’ Status Affect User Privacy on Telegram? 

When you keep the default settings on your Telegram account, the time and date you are online and offline can be seen by anyone. Thus, it is clear that there is no privacy at all. If you are comfortable with it, you can keep the default settings.

If not, you can customize the privacy settings as you prefer. You can enable the contacts in your list that you want to allow to see your last seen on Telegram. If you strongly worry about your privacy, you can hide your last seen from every user on Telegram as well.

Is the Last Seen Visible on Telegram If Blocked?

If you block someone on Telegram, he or she does not have a chance to see your last seen. Most of the time, the user will see ‘last time a long time ago’ under your name.

The reason why, there was no chat between both of you since you blocked the person. Moreover, the messages in the chatroom will be marked as unsent. However, Telegram does not notify the person that you blocked him or her.

What is the Difference Between ‘last seen recently’ and ‘last seen within a week’ in Telegram? 

If you see your friend’s last seen status as ‘last seen recently’, he or she has come online within the past two to three days. In other words, the user has not been online within the last 48 hours.

The next longer duration is a week. If a user has not come online within the last seven days, you will see the phrase, ‘last seen within a week.’

Apart from these two, there are two other statuses depending on the time, such as ‘last seen within a month’ and ‘last seen a long time ago.’

What is the Difference Between Last Seen and Online? 

When you see the word, online under a user’s name on Telegram, it means that he or she connects to the internet. Thus, you are able to chat with her or him at the moment. Similarly, they can see your messages at the same time.

In contrast, when a user does not connect to the internet, they are offline. Thus, Telegram shows the last time the user was available on the platform. When you see the last seen under someone’s name, he or she is not online at the moment, so your message will be seen whenever they are online and come to the chatroom.

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