why are boys putting numbers on their snapchat stories

Why Are Boys Putting Numbers on Their Snapchat Stories?

Snapchat is a social networking platform that is used by millions of people around the world. As for other social media, Snapchat has some unique features. We are going to discuss such unique practices on Snapchat. You might have noticed some numbers on some guys’ Snapchat stories. Why are boys putting numbers on their Snapchat stories? Today, you can find out the reasons behind these numbers through our blog post. So, let’s begin the discussion; you will be able to know what those numbers refer to.

What do the Numbers on Snapchat Stories Mean? 

The number on each one’s Snapchat story refers to their Snapchat score, which is a particular feature of Snapchat. Snapchat score is the sum of all the snaps you have sent and received so far. Thus, Snapchat score is a meter that helps to determine the activeness of a particular person on Snapchat. If you have sent a lot of snaps, your Snapchat score is higher, and vice versa. This Snapchat score is visible to everyone, so you can see others’ Snapchat scores and determine how engaged they are on the platform.

Snapchat score is automatically calculated by Snapchat; thus, the number is 100% accurate. The users are not able to change or remove the Snapchat score from their Snapchat stories. In detail, an equation is used by Snapchat to create each user’s Snapchat score depending on the different matters as well as how he or she uses the platform every single day. You can find your Snapchat score on your profile page. When you click on the number, it will divide into two parts. One part indicates the snaps you sent, while the other part indicates the snap you received.

Besides, we are going to explore various numbers that people put on their Snapchat stories, so refer to the next section.

Why are boys Using Numbers on their Snapchat Stories? 

Apart from the Snapchat score, there might be different kinds of numbers that boys put on their Snapchat stories. These are the most common ones.

  1. To indicate an achievement – if someone has achieved a milestone in a popular game or another sport, they use the number of scores to indicate it. Mostly, it can be a level you are currently playing in a game or the highest mark you have achieved so far. If you also put the game’s icon, it can be more understandable.
  2. Secret code – sometimes, it will be a secret code between friends. If there is someone who does not know what the number means, he or she might be confused. Indeed, it can become another way to increase your followers. Due to the curiosity, he or she will follow you.
  3. Countdown – it can be a countdown to a special event too. The numbers on your Snapchat story can remind the follower daily and increase the excitement. Actually, these kinds of simple things can attract more followers. And also, a number can indicate a special day.
  4. For fun – sometimes, there may be users who put numbers without any reason. They try to stay active on Snapchat doing such things.

What do Girls Think About Boys Putting Numbers on their Snapchat Stories? 

If someone has no idea about the number on your Snapchat story, they can comprehend it in different ways. Mostly, girls can misunderstand the meaning of different numbers.

If they are not aware of something you are interested such as the special milestone of some popular games, they might be confused about what the number means. Some users like to share secret codes on Snapchat stories that only a few of their friends know. Then the other followers cannot identify its meaning.

If someone misunderstands that the number is a clue from you, you will have to face some unexpected things.

Therefore, it would be better to limit putting the numbers on your Snapchat stories if they are not understandable to everyone.

What do Girls Think About Boys Putting Numbers on their Snapchat Stories? 

What are the Potential Risks of Using Numbers on Snapchat Stories? 

It is okay to put anything you want to express yourself on Snapchat stories. But in case you unnecessarily use numbers to make your friends and followers confused, sometimes, they will not go to follow you further. They can think you are just playing with numbers without reason. Most of the users are willing to follow someone who is inspiring and creative. Thus, you need to be wise when you handle the features on social media platforms. Otherwise, your Snapchat score will become low as well.

On the other hand, if you continuously put numbers on your Snapchat stories, it will be boring to your followers too. Remember that this is another trend on Snapchat. So, any trend exists on social media for a short time. Always do whatever is new on the social media platform. If you are following an outdated trend, it will badly affect your improvement on the platform.

These can be identified as the risks of using numbers on Snapchat stories.

Why is Everyone Posting 48 on Snapchat? 

If someone has posted 48 on Snapchat, it means that he or she is still single. These kinds of number indications are something that has grown in the Snapchat community over time. If you are new to Snapchat, you might be confused with those numbers. So if you see the number 48, remember that person does not have a relationship. If you want to indicate your current state, you can use a number too.

What Does 57 Mean on Snapchat Story? 

57 means that someone is in a relationship. As in any other social media platform, there is a unique culture in Snapchat, and the number indication has become a major point in it. Since the majority of the users are young, these kinds of things are mostly related to relationships. Accordingly, you should know that if a girl or boy puts the number 57 on Snapchat stories, it implies that he or she has fallen in love. Or else he or she might have a crush on someone.

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