why does my arlo essential camera keep going offline

Why does My Arlo Essential Camera Keep Going Offline? Find Solutions Here!

Arlo essential camera is a great way to check the security of your home and lands. In order to do that, there should be an online connection between the camera and the device you use to check the status. But Arlo camera can go offline due to some barriers.

Why does my Arlo essential camera keep going offline? If you are an Arlo user, you might have this question and need a solution for that. Then this blog post will surely help you because we have listed all the potential causes plus solutions in the sections below.

Why does My Arlo Essential Camera Keep Going Offline? 

These are the potential causes for your Arlo camera to keep going offline.

  1. If you make some changes to your network, the camera will go offline. Especially when you start to use a new router, the camera will not function properly until you sync the devices.
  2. When there is a long distance between the camera, SmartHub, base station and router, the camera can find it difficult to stay online. Then the camera can connect and disconnect from time to time due to the signal issue.
  3. If there are so many walls, large metal objects and thick ceilings between your Arlo camera and Wi-Fi router, the connection can be interrupted. The reason why, those kinds of thick objects disturb the signal transmission.
  4. When there are other Wi-Fi devices near the SmartHub or base station, the overall system can experience Wi-Fi congestion. Then the camera will not be able to keep its connection online.
  5. If the base station has not been connected to the internet due to issues with your LAN connection, then the camera will go offline too.
  6. The camera needs to sync with the SmartHub or base station. You can check your Arlo library in order to determine the synchronization of your camera.

How Do I Get My Arlo Essential Camera Back Online? 

These methods can be used for your Arlo camera to stay online.

  • If you start to use a new router, you should press the sync button to make the connection again. It is okay to press the sync button on the base station or Arlo SmartHub. Then you will see that the LED indicator light blinks. After that, the camera will start its regular operation.
  • If the issue is the distance between devices, you have to change their setup. The maximum distance between the camera and SmartHub or your base station should be 300 feet. It would be better to keep those devices within that limitation.
  • Make sure to place your Wi-Fi router in a proper place to avoid the disturbance of thick walls, ceilings and metal objects. You are encouraged to keep the router close to the camera as much as you can.
  • You are advised to keep your base station of Arlo camera away from any other Wi-Fi devices to avoid Wi-Fi congestion.
  • In order to connect the base station to the internet, the Ethernet cable should be connected to a LAN connection. You can determine the status of your base station by checking the colour of the LED lights. If there is an amber-coloured LED light, there is no internet connection on your base station.
  • It is vital to sync your Arlo camera with the SmarHub or base station. Or else, you can reinstall the battery of your Arlo camera and see whether it is okay. In case the LED light blinks blue colour for only one time, you should resync the camera.
  • If your Arlo camera still keeps going offline after trying all the methods above, you are advised to visit the Arlo support centre to explain your issue to an expert.

Can I Use My Arlo Camera without a Battery? 

Arlo cameras come with rechargeable batteries. So, you are not able to use them without their batteries. But it is possible to plug the Arlo Pro Wire-Free camera without a battery. However, it is vital to power your camera with a battery in order to sync it. Therefore, you need to take care of the battery of your Arlo camera.

Do Arlo Cameras Stop Working without Wi-Fi? 

Arlo Go model does not need an internet connection to proceed with their task. It has built-in LTE as well as Wi-Fi connection and covers some rural areas too. Thus, it does not matter the place you live; you can use Arlo Go as your security camera.

However, if you want to use the feature of live streaming, you will have to use an Arlo camera with an active internet connection.

We have comprehensive article on this

What Internet Speed Do I Need for the Arlo Camera? 

The minimum speed that Arlo cameras need varies according to the model. Arlo Ultra Series has an internet speed of 3Mbps upload per camera.

If you use the newest Arlo model, Arlo Pro Series, you will experience an internet speed of 2 Mbps upload per camera. Arlo essential video doorbells come with a speed of 2 Mbps upload per Video Doorbell.

All the other Arlo cameras have a speed of 1 Mbps upload per camera. Anyways, remember that you need to have a high-speed internet connection to achieve the maximum speed of these devices.

How Far Can Arlo be from Wi-Fi

How Far Can Arlo be from Wi-Fi? 

The longer distance between the Arlo camera and the Wi-Fi router is a major barrier to a stable connection.

The maximum distance between your Arlo camera and the Wi-Fi connection should be 300 feet. (90 meters). Otherwise, you will not be able to maintain a stable connection.

However, if there are some thick barriers within this range, you may have to move the router closer. In case you want to extend the Wi-Fi range, you are advised to use a Wi-Fi extender.

Does Arlo Work on 4G? 

Yes, Arlo Go can work on a 4G network since it has a built-in LTE. However, if you use some other models, you have to have a base station, and it is connected to ethernet. Other Arlo models require a connection to mobile broadband. And those who have a base station also need an LTE router. Anyways, if you use the newest Arlo camera, Arlo Pro, the base station is not needed.

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