why does my jbl speaker keep turning off

Why Does My JBL Speaker Keep Turning Off? [How to Fix]

JBL is among the world’s greatest sound equipment companies. They produce excellent speakers at a reasonable cost. A JBL loudspeaker is an excellent option if you want a loudspeaker with a powerful bass that you can easily take on your upcoming vacation. The JBL speaker will only have faults on very rare occasions, and even then, you can easily fix the problems. But on rare occasions, your speaker can keep turning off when you are listening to something. So are you looking for the answer to why does my JBL speaker keep turning off? Let us find out.

What are JBL Speakers?

JBL is a company that produces sound systems in the U.S. with its headquarters in L.a., California. JBL caters to the consumer residential and commercial markets. Industrial, retail formats the sectors for studios, vehicles, musical work, DJs, implemented audio, and movies. Harman Industries, a division of Samsung Electronics, is the owner of JBL.

James Bullough Lansing, an American acoustic expert and speaker developer renowned for founding multiple audit firms that retain his identity, Altec Lansing and JBL, the former of which is derived from his initials, created JBL in 1902. 

Why are JBL Speakers So Popular?

If you’re searching for the finest loudspeaker, JBL has a variety of models available – from tiny Bluetooth speakers to bigger, extremely potent party loudspeakers. Prolonged playing durations are made possible by its several hours of power. JBL systems typically offer a relatively balanced audio signature, despite many previous models lacking graphic EQs that allow you to alter the tone to suit your tastes. Even though their sturdy mobile Gadgets are great for carrying about, you likely can’t utilize voice commands with these, even with your attached smartphones.

What Causes The JBL Speaker to Keep Cutting Out?

Any of the following issues may be the cause of your JBL loudspeaker regularly shutting off:

Automated Energy Savings Function

If you leave your loudspeaker on for longer than 15 min without streaming anything, it will switch off by itself. This occurs as a result of a built-in mechanism that enables the device to conserve energy when not in use. This is very common and does not really mean your device is broken.

Poor Energy

The majority of concerns with rechargeable gadgets are battery-related. Once your speaker’s charge is low, it will immediately turn off. Since JBL devices feature extended battery lives, most users don’t remember to charge them until the device dies. Make absolutely sure the device is a decent JBL system with an established long-lasting function when recharged. Continue to the following evaluation phase if the issue doesn’t go away.

An Unreliable Power Source

Have you spent hours charging the device, yet it can’t even turn on? This can point to an issue with the power adapter or wire. Your loudspeaker will never be really powerful and will rapidly shut off if the connection wire or socket is broken.

To fix this issue, try using a new charging wire to fully recharge the JBL device. Check after your loudspeaker has fully charged. If a charging issue was the root of the issue, this would probably be helpful.


Your loudspeaker may get hot and shut off if you continuously play sound at a large intensity. This occurs as a result of the amplifier’s built-in feature to guard against the loudspeaker melting and short-circuiting.

Visually inspect the speaker and inspect the cables to repair a superheated speaker. You must seek expert help if one of the power lines appears to be burned. Try putting the cables into position and seeing if the issue disappears if nothing is burned.

Bluetooth Issue

It’s likely that your loudspeaker may continually be losing contact with the Connected device and turn off if it is not nearby. Or the Wireless transmissions to your device can be disrupted if additional power sources are located in the same space.

Ensure your Wireless device and loudspeaker are nearby sufficiently to prevent a breakup from happening.

A Complication with the Charging

If neither of the fixes mentioned earlier can cure your device, the issue might be with the recharging process. For want of a better expression, this indicates that your loudspeaker is mistakenly underestimating the power.

You’ll need to do a hard reset to fix this issue. Your device may sound brand-new after a reboot, but all prior configurations and preferences will be lost. By completing the straightforward instructions from Google, you may do a hard reset yourself.

What are the Viable Approaches for the JBL Speakers that Keep Turning Off?

We suggest consulting the web handbook for more guidance prior to implementing these suggestions.

Submit A Software Upgrade

Your JBL device may have to turn off and turn on if the software is outdated. It is suggested that you upgrade your software to the most recent version.

Install the JBL CONNECT app first on your smartphone. This will give your gadget the necessary version if an improvement is offered.

Links the Speaker

The JBL Loudspeaker may be linked to other electronics through Bluetooth. However, it could switch off immediately if you enable the function (without utilizing it on a couple of additional devices).

The loudspeaker can be connected to your favorite device to get around this problem. You can easily switch the speaker again on if it turns down.

Press the Proper Keys

Using a few of the JBL speaker switches is among the effective methods to repair an out-of-order loudspeaker. There are several JBL loudspeakers and numerous solutions to the “on and off” issue. Search for your model on the web or your owner’s manual for optimal results.

Send It to an Expert

Did our advice help you with your JBL speaker? Or else, you should visit a JBL Repair Shop with the device.

In addition to providing the greatest expertise for your device, the solution is reasonably priced. You may not be required to spend for the servicing if your device is still covered by its guarantee.


Despite being one of the greatest speaker manufacturers, JBL occasionally experiences small difficulties. If your device continues shutting off while music is playing, there may be a number of causes, including insufficient power, excessive heat, or Wireless connectivity difficulties. Once you determine the underlying problem, you can quickly locate a fix and learn how to prevent the JBL speaker from shutting off.

The customer service center must be your final choice if neither of the proposed solutions is successful and you need your goods fixed or exchanged.

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