why wont my arlo camera charge

Why Won’t My Arlo Camera Charge? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Arlo Camera is a popular brand in the security camera industry due to its advanced technology. But as with any other electronic device, you might have to troubleshoot some issues with Arlo cameras. Since it is battery-operated, one of those main problems is its inability to charge. Why won’t my Arlo camera charge? Today, we will be discussing the factors behind this issue in this blog post. Besides, you will be able to find out what tricks and tips you can follow to solve this problem. Most of these issues are temporary, so there is nothing to worry about the operation of your camera.

How Do I Know If My Arlo Camera is Charging? 

The charging status of the Arlo camera is indicated by the solid blue light. If you use the correct charger to charge your Arlo camera, this LED indicator light will quickly flash once.

After the charging process is completed, this LED light will stay until you remove the camera from its charger. But you should have enabled this feature in settings. In case you do not use a dual-voltage charger, you can see an orange-colored LED light instead of a blue one.

If you are unable to see this indicator light, there might be an issue with the battery, camera, or charging setup.

Why won’t My Arlo Camera Charge? 

These are the potential causes for Arlo’s camera not to charge.

  1. Faulty Power Adapter – if you have a malfunctioning power adapter, it is unable to charge your camera properly. Moreover, if there is a fault with the cable, the battery of the camera has no chance of charging. So, check for the signs of wear and tear.
  2. Charger Compatibility – you have to use a compatible charging setup to charge the Arlo camera. Simply, you should use the original charger.
  3. Battery Damage – a damaged battery cannot internalize the power as normal batteries do. If there is damage to the battery due to moisture or scratches, you will not be able to even turn on the camera.
  4. Poor Maintenance – if you have not cleaned your camera for a longer time, the dust and debris around it can interrupt the charging procedure. Thus, regular maintenance is highly important for cameras with sensitive parts.
  5. The Location of the Solar Panel – if there is a fault with your solar panel or you have not installed it properly, your outdoor Arlo camera will not be able to charge its battery. Consequently, the camera will not stay online too.

How to Fix Arlo’s Camera Not Charging?

These instructions will help you to fix your Arlo camera.

  1. You need to check your charging setup first. Check whether there are damages to your charger or power cable. They need to be firmly connected to each other. If they have become badly damaged or worn out, you need to replace new ones.
  2. Always try to use the standard charger for your Arlo camera. Or else, it is possible to use a compatible dual-voltage charger to charge the camera.
  3. Thirdly, you should check the condition of your battery. If it has been burned, you have to replace it. In case you cannot find any fault, just remove and reinstall the battery. After that, check whether the camera is charging. This simple step can mostly solve the issue.
  4. It is vital to keep your charging dock clean. So, have a look at it just now! In case it has become filthy, you will need a small brush like a toothbrush and a microfiber towel for cleaning. Make sure to remove all the dirt and debris from the camera’s charging points and dock. Never use any cleaning agent with chemicals to clean your Arlo camera. Remember to clean the charging dock and cable regularly; otherwise, the camera can start to malfunction often.
  5. Make sure to place your solar panel in a place that does not disturb the camera’s charging procedure. In case it has been placed underneath a tree or something else, the camera will not charge.
  6. Finally, you need to handle these devices carefully. For instance, if the dock is accidentally fallen down, it may be damaged. As a result, it can start to malfunction.

How do I Know If My Arlo Camera Battery is Bad

How do I Know If My Arlo Camera Battery is Bad? 

In order to find the current status of your camera’s battery, follow these steps.

  1. First, the battery of the camera should be removed.
  2. Then, unplug the cable of your camera.
  3. After a few seconds, you should plug the camera into the adapter again. It is necessary to use the AC adapter and cable that come with the camera.
  4. After that, you need to reinstall the battery.
  5. Wait ten minutes and check the status of your camera on the Arlo application or my.Arlo.com. If the battery is working, a lightning bolt battery icon can be seen. If you cannot see it, repeat these steps of reinstalling the battery a few times. If the icon is not visible, your battery is dead.

Can you Replace Arlo Batteries?

Yes, it is possible to change the battery of your Arlo camera if it is dead. First, you should remove the camera housing to access the battery.

Carefully remove the battery till it slides out of your camera. Now you can insert the new battery. You can easily buy new batteries from Arlo retailers. If you still have the warranty, feel free to contact the manufacturer.

Can I Use My Arlo Camera Without a battery? 

The Arlo Pro model can be plugged into your AC outlet without its battery since this particular model is a wire-free security camera. However, you are not able to sync the camera without its battery. That means the battery is vital to operate the camera.

Why doesn’t My Arlo Battery Last? 

The battery of your Arlo camera will not last if you make mistakes when using the camera. Especially if you use a charger that has a higher voltage, the battery can be damaged. Thus, it is always recommended to use the standard charger that comes with the camera. And you should install the battery correctly to minimize the damage.

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