how to mount ring doorbell on brick

How to Mount Ring Doorbell on Brick? [Easy Steps]

A Ring Doorbell is a biggest smart upgrade for your house. It allows you to recognise the visitors or deliveries easily. You and the visitors are connected with the two-way communication system in Ring Doorbells. It also provides cloud storage so that you can have the footage in case of any security concerns. Ring doorbells can be mounted on your outside walls, and with proper coverage, they will continue to work in any weather condition. How to mount Ring Doorbell on brick? If you are a new customer of this awesome alarming system, this should be a probable question. Cheer up! We are here to help you with the installation. 

Can you Drill Brick to Mount Ring Doorbell? 

You can get the help of a drilling machine to mount the Ring Doorbell to your brick wall. You will be provided with a drill bit along with the product. It will be a 4-inch lengthy and 15/64 inches wide masonry drill bit.

But some have found it difficult to drill holes with the provided drill bit of Ring’s. You will face such circumstances if your bricks have more thickness. You will have to go for a hammer drill if a regular drill bit fails to do the work. For instance, 7/32 inches hammer drill bit will provide easy drilling. 

Alternatively, you have No-Drill Mount Ring Doorbell if you are reluctant to spend some time drilling or need an easier installation. This model contains the adhering surface to attach to your walls. But the company has mentioned clearly that the surface must be even and smooth to make the adhering effective. Hence materials like brick, stucco and stone will not warmly welcome a No-Drill Mount Ring Doorbell. 

How to Mount Ring Doorbell on Brick?

Before starting the mounting, you have to set up the connection with the Ring app. You can download the app from their official website. After the installation, you will have to create an account to proceed. You will catch the method easily with the instructions of the app. 

You cannot start the mounting process still. Now you have to charge the battery of the bell fully. Use the adaptor you received. There will be two LED indicators in Red and Green. Wait until the Red light vanishes. It will take about five or six hours. You will notice only the green light when the battery has been completely charged. Insert the battery in the correct position. Next, connect the bell to your Wi-Fi connection via the app you installed previously. 

Thereafter, take all the necessary things nearby. You will be provided with a small level tool, screws, screwdrivers, plastic anchor bolts, a masonry drill bit, and charging cables or adaptors with every Ring Doorbell. In addition, you need a drilling machine and a flathead screwdriver to remove the existing doorbell. Take a nail and a hammer too. 

After all, you are now all set to start the physical mounting. Follow the steps given below.

  1. Disconnect the power supply to the doorbell as you are dealing with the connective wires. If you have an old doorbell, carefully remove it using the screwdriver so as not to damage the wires. 
  2. Insert the level tool with the base plate and level it on the wall. You will have to place the plate 48 inches high from the ground level, as instructed by the manufacturer. 
  3. Mark the screw holes using a pencil. Take the nail and the hammer and make a small hole in the wall. Drill on the exact points; go 1.5 inches deep. If you have a harder brick and the provided regular drill bit cannot go through your wall, you will require a hammer drill bit. 
  4. Insert the plastic anchors you have got. Place the base plate and tighten the screws. 
  5. Take the bell and connect the wires to the two screws in it. 
  6. Before hanging the bell, you must loosen the two screws at the bottom. Attach the top first and place it on the plate. Tighten the screws at the bottom. 
  7. Reconnect the power supply and check the functioning of your bell. 

How Do you Hide Doorbell Wires on Brick?

When you need a new position to have the best view from your doorbell, you will have to extend the wires by soldering. But if you are worried about the untidiness it adds to your front walls, you can dig the brick wall bit in mortar joints along the wire, place the wires and fill it with some new mortar. 

Securing the wires within plastic wire channels is your other option here. You can select a matching colour for your wall or else use white channels and paint it later with the needed colour. 

How Do you Hang Ring Doorbell on Uneven Brick?

You are provided with the utensil to attach your smart Ring Doorbell to any uneven surface along with the product. It is the mounting bracket. First, fix it to the wall. Level the positioning with the help of the levelling tool. Mark the screw positions and drill a hole deep of about 1.5 inches. Place the plastic anchors and screw in the screws in the provided screws. Finally, hang the doorbell. 

For further explanation and more tips, please refer to the guide above. 

How Do you Install a Ring Doorbell on Brick Without Drilling?

If you want a drilling-free installation, you must purchase one from Ring Doorbell first generation. There you are benefited from a two-way adhesive plate. You cannot use this adhesive plate on any other models of Ring Doorbells.

The adhering tape of the plate can only be used once. Therefore, mark the position with the help of a leveller and a pencil before pasting it on the wall. If you need to relocate your smart bell, you can use the extra tapes provided in their initial packaging. 

When adhering, apply gentle pressure on the plate for a few minutes. Before hanging the bell, let it take a few hours to set completely. Ensure the plate is well attached before placing the bell. You cannot use the adhering Ring Doorbells on rough and uneven surfaces. And, also need to clean the surface before installing the device. 

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