how to hang up with airpods pro

How to Hang Up with Airpods Pro? [Best Tips & Tricks]

With inbuilt touch buttons and wideband microphones in each earbud, Apple’s AirPods Pro let you take calls while wearing them and speak hands-free. We’ll demonstrate “how to hang up with AirPods Pro” for you today. When the discussion is over, you may also put the call to an end using your AirPods.

Your iPhone may be set up to alert callers through AirPods so you can see who is on the line when you reply. When learning how to use your AirPods, keep track of how well the battery is doing by memorizing this simple list of instructions.

Can AirPods Pro Hang Up Calls?

Yes. To answer a call when wearing a pair of AirPods Pro, push the force sensor on either earbud’s stem. Select an AirPod and press the stem’s indentation. Press the force sensor once more when you’re prepared to end the call. You may also swiftly press the stem twice while you’re on the phone to end the call.

You must tap either AirPod’s side while using the second-generation AirPods. Repeat the action to end the call. Tap either side of either AirPod twice if you’re using the first-generation AirPods.

How to Hang Up with Airpods Pro?

You use the same procedure as when answering a call when using AirPods. Your AirPods will end the conversation when you gently double-tap the exterior of them once you are through speaking.

When using AirPods 3 and Pro, managing calls is different than when using AirPods 1 and 2. Simply double-press the force sensor to answer a call. Direct voicemail will be used for the call. One light press on the force sensor will cause the phone to ring.

Many AirPods users would also like Siri to tell them who is calling, so they don’t have to check their phone to see whether it’s a call. Follow these instructions to turn on this feature.

  1. Access the Apple device’s settings by navigating there.
  2. Click Phone at the bottom and then choose Announce Calls.
  3. Select Headphones & Automobile to ask Siri to identify the caller.
  4. AirPods or your car may be connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth.
  5. You might also decide whether you always or just use earphones.

When utilizing the 2nd Edition AirPods, you must contact the case of either AirPod. Repeat the procedure to end the call. If you’re using the 1st Edition AirPods, repeatedly touch either side of the device. Touch once more to end the call.

How to Decline Incoming Calls with Airpods Pro?

You may reject an incoming call and send it to voicemail while your AirPods Pro is linked to an iPhone. Press the stem’s indent twice to answer an incoming call. To answer a call when wearing a pair of AirPods Pro, push the force sensor on either earbud’s stem. Press the force sensor once more when you’re prepared to end the call. You may also swiftly press the stem twice while you’re on the phone to end the call.

If you don’t want to take the call, hang up until it goes to voicemail or reject it using your iPhone as you normally would, such as by hitting the side button or by using the on-screen controls. In order to refuse and send the call directly to voicemail, you may also double-press the Force Sensor.

Although AirPods Pro operate somewhat differently than AirPods, all the controls you require are still located on the earphones. If you don’t want to take the call, you can either wait until it gets to voicemail on the AirPods Pro, or you may reject it the same way you would on an iPhone by clicking the side button or by using the on-screen controls.

How to Answer a Second Call with Airpods Pro?

Press the stem’s indent when a new call comes in to put the previous one on hold and take the new one.

Implement any of the following.

  • Press the stem’s indentation to change calls.
  • Double-press the stem’s indent to stop the call and switch to the one that is currently on hold.

All you have to do to answer a call if you have AirPods (3rd generation) or AirPods Pro of any version is press the Force sensor. As long as you are wearing your AirPods and have them linked to your iPhone, this will function.

Pro Tip: You can answer calls on your AirPods from other devices if you enable the Allow Calls on Other Devices to function in your iPhone’s settings. As long as your AirPods are plugged into the appropriate device, this applies to your iPad, iPod, Mac, or Apple Watch.

Just double-touch at the top of the stem on earlier AirPods to take calls. This works as long as you are using AirPods that are connected to your iPhone. While switching to or accepting a phone call, you might need to adjust your AirPods’ volume settings.

How Do you Tap and Hold AirPods Pro?

With AirPods Pro, you can control how much noise is picked up from your surroundings. Press and hold the Touch control to alternate between Transparency and Active Noise Cancellation modes. Selectable modes are available for the press-and-hold action.

When connected to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and wearing your AirPods, navigate to Settings. Pick Bluetooth. Alternatively, you may select your AirPods from the Settings menu. In the list of devices, tap the More Info button next to your AirPods. Select Off, Transparency, or Noise Cancellation.

Do Phone Calls Drain AirPods?

The number of variables that determine how long AirPod batteries last makes it hard to make a fully statistically accurate prediction. Of course, the battery will be depleted more quickly if you use your AirPods to make or receive phone calls.

Yes, while not the case, your AirPods will lose battery life. They will drain even if you remove them and place them on your desk without playing anything. Your battery will naturally deplete as though the AirPods were still in use. However, putting them back in their case anytime you’re not listening recharges them.

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