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Do LED Lights Attract Spiders? [Some Ways To Prevent It]

If you are allergic to pollen, cobwebs become a risk factor for your health as it collects all the dust, various pollen flying in the air, and many fungus spores. Do LED lights attract spiders? You may be wondering about this when you regularly spend time destroying prey nets of spiders and are annoyed with the unstoppable disruption of these tiny creatures. 

Spiders are arthropods and presence eight legs. The two antennas in their head are called pedipalps, which act as their exploring organ. The history of spiders lies back 400 million years, and today the identified number of species exceeds 45 000. Producing silk is the distinct nature of all of them. We could see various sizes as small as 0.46mm in length, and giant furious types lengthened like 11 inches. Few species, among thousands, present toxic chemicals to the human nervous system but spiders bite humans rarely. 

Do LED Lights Attract Spiders?

Most people tend to use LED these days to cut off sky-high energy bills. A LED utilizes 85% less power than incandescent bulbs, and the average life span is 25% greater than the other bulbs. Energy transmission happens in the LED converting 95% of the electric power to light, and only 5% percent is wastage as heat energy. Therefore, the wastage is minimal. LED lights emit a variety of colors. 

If the temperature of the bulb is between 2700-3500 kelvin, the color is called warm light, and if the temperature is within 6000-7000Kelvin, it is considered cool light. If the LED you buy is in the warm range, it will emit one from the colors yellow, orange, and red. Also, If it is a cool light, it tends to appear in blue and green. The temperature gap between these two ranges will appear in white light.

Attracting insects to a light source is like a tradition in nature. Many insects find it interesting to rotate around LEDs too. This is because the light messes up their original navigation. Some die as a result of the heat of the light source, while others are prey for various predators who have identified the light bulb as a source of food. Similarly, spiders are attracted to LEDs to find themselves prey. Therefore, the question, do LED lights attract spiders, has got an indirect “yes.” But when we compare this attraction quality with the other types of bulbs like incandescent, CFL, standard fluorescent, and halogen, LED has got a minor percentage.  

Some state that the warmth given by the light is also a spider attraction. If the light is inside your house and they have made their paths indoors, they will stay alone forever. Sometimes spiders will settle in your bathroom as they have found the best water source together with food and shelter. 

What Color LEDs Attract Spiders?

Spiders show special interest in greenish environments. If your LED emits green light, it may also be a reason to make the spot inviting for spiders.  

On the contrary, insects, and bugs also prefer green and blue light. Thus, the shorter wavelength color makes them attract exclusively. This also increases the spider crowd in the surrounding.

How to Prevent Spiders from Attracting Insects Around LED Lights?

  • Cleaning, cleaning, and cleaning! You will have to keep the suburbs around lights well-cleaned always. Spiders set their nets and wait until the insects get trapped. There may be a lot of dead animals in the cobwebs around your lighting, and this will attract more spiders. They will never leave the place and will even reproduce near the everlasting food source with no disturbances. 
  • If you see spiders around the LED lighting in your patio or backyard kitchen, there is a high chance that they will next investigate your house. Therefore, if you really do not like them, you will need to use an insect repellent the very first time you recognize one. 
  • You can use a strong smell that spiders hate the most. You can use essential oils like lavender, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rose to expel all the uninvited visitor spiders in your residence. Citrus, orange, peppermint, and tea tree oil are also the strongest fragrances that make the spiders run away from your premises. Mix about 20 drops of essential oil with water and spray it in a suspicious space. Do not forget to apply around door and window frames. You can light up a scented candle from such fragrance near the LED lights. 
  • Attaching a door sweep under every door will also give effective results. 
  • Spiders can crawl in from a hole or a crack in your wall. Therefore, you will need to repair all those and block their entryways.
  • If your house has dust and a lot of unused and used paper and cardboard, it will be a hiding place for the spiders. So, it is necessary to maintain a dust-free house. You also can throw away all the cardboard you have stored for later use. Instead, try to use reusable plastic containers. It is true that plastic is not eco-friendly, but it prevents tiny creatures hide among it and make your cleaning easier. 
  • If your LED lights are on the side of the cooler colors of the spectrum, you should move to the warmer side. Replace your greenish LED lights with warmer colors like yellow and orange. We have discussed the matter of the lighting colors in a previous paragraph. 
  • If you are not doing work outside, you can turn off the lights. This will be one of the best methods to get rid of the trouble from insects, bugs, and spiders. If you need to keep a light all night alone, choose a place away from your house for that purpose. 
  • If the trouble is quite annoying, you can get the help of an exterminating service. 


Do LED lights attract spiders? If you are hesitating to go for a vast contribution of LEDs to reduce your electric bills because of this question, here we have got the right answer for you. 

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