why wont crunchyroll accept my email

Why Won’t Crunchyroll Accept My Email? [SOLVED]

When you create an account on Crunchyroll or want to change your email address, and Crunchyroll doesn’t accept your email, it can be really frustrating.

If Crunchyroll won’t accept your email, here is what you need to do.

Why Won’t Crunchyroll Accept My Email?

Crunchyroll won’t accept your email due to various issues like incorrect email format or trying to use an already registered email. Here, we have described all the possibilities so you can identify what is related to your email address. 

Incorrect Email Format

Make sure you’ve entered your email address in the correct format (e.g., name@example.com). Check for any typos or errors.

Already Registered Email

If the email you’re trying to use is already associated with an existing account, Crunchyroll will not accept your email ID. you might encounter issues. Then, try using a different email or recover the account linked to that email.

Blocked or Restricted Email Provider

Some email providers may block or restrict emails from certain services. Ensure that your email provider allows communication from Crunchyroll. The platform might not recognize some email providers. 

Technical Glitches

Technical issues on Crunchyroll’s end may also cause email verification problems. In such cases, reaching out to Crunchyroll’s customer support for assistance is advisable.

How Do I Verify My Email Address on Crunchyroll?

In order to verify your email address, you should access the verification link sent by Crunchyroll. Whether you use the Crunchyroll website or mobile application, the following guidelines will be helpful for both ways. 

On the Website:

  1. Log in by visiting the Crunchyroll website.
  2. Upon successful login, a message at the top of the screen will prompt you to verify your email.
  3. Then, click on the “Send verification link.”
  4. A confirmation message will inform you that the verification email has been sent to your registered email address.
  5. Check your email inbox, searching for the email with the subject “Please Confirm Your Account.”
  6. Within that email, find a link. When clicked, it will open a new tab confirming the successful verification of your account.

On your Mobile Device:

  1. Launch your Crunchyroll App.
  2. At the top of the screen, notice that your email address is pending verification. Tap SEND VERIFICATION LINK.
  3. The verification email will be dispatched to your registered email.
  4. Tap the link received.
  5. After clicking the link, you’ll be redirected to another screen confirming the successful verification of your email.

Remember that the verification link is only valid for 24 hours. When the time is over, it will be expired. Then, you should request Crunchyroll to send you another email with a verification link. In case you did not get an email to reset your password, submit a request to the Crunchyroll support team. 

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