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Are Total Wireless Phones Unlocked? [With Unlocking System]

Total Wireless locked smartphones are those that are exclusively compatible with the Total Wireless network and cannot be used with other carriers. In contrast, Total Wireless unlocked smartphones may be utilized on the systems of other mobile internet companies and take any other SIM card. Therefore, are total wireless phones unlocked? Let us find out.

Total Wireless is a cellular virtual network provider that offers connectivity across the country by utilizing Verizon’s network. You’re likely aware of locked and unlocked smartphones if you’ve used them for some time. It doesn’t mean that the phones’ displays are secured; rather, they are tied to a certain cellular network and internet, or they’re unlocked and may use every carrier.

Are Total Wireless Phones Unlocked?

Both yes and no. Certain Total Wireless phones are factory-unlocked, whereas others may be released after a certain period of time.

Total Wireless phones are almost by convention restricted to their system, which prevents you from using the device using a different SIM card than Total Wireless.

And yet, the company possess a predetermined unlocking procedure. This implies that once you and your equipment have satisfied a particular set of requirements, you have always been able to ask that your smartphone be unlocked. A variety of criteria should be satisfied in order to unlock your smartphone, as follows:

  • Your smartphone must not be listed on a banned list or be accused of theft.
  • You should utilize the phone connection for about a year before choosing an alternate provider and quitting your existing one.
  • All your bill payments should be fully paid off, with no debts owing.

Can Total Wireless Phones be Used with Other Carriers?

You are able to use an unlocked phone to get a mobile network from the provider of your choosing. It’s still recommended that you make certain a new smartphone is unlocked in the event you decide to transfer networks.

If the smartphone is locked, it will only function with that provider. When you choose to buy a secondhand phone, it might significantly affect your decision.

Remember that an unlocked smartphone may not function exactly the same way on a separate network infrastructure due to various technology.

What is the Total Wireless Unlocking Policy?

A precise set of requirements must be met by you as well as your smartphone in order to be granted a Total Wireless phone unlocking operation. 

Requirements for Total Wireless Phones Unlocking are listed below: 

  • Clients are required to have their restricted device engaged on the Total Wireless network for at least one year, used air time cards for at least one year, as well as not have their cell number reprocessed or transferred.
  • Clients must make a request for this temporary unlocking service during the active period of their subscription or within two months after the end of that period.
  • Whether the user’s phone line was reused or migrated, this two months time limit still exists.
  • Consumers must possess a Total Wireless/TracFone-branded phone registered with a Total Wireless connection after February 11, 2014, or released on the Total Wireless network after that date.
  • Consumers must have a functioning phone in their possession. They can’t help if your phone isn’t in working condition.
  • Consumers must own a phone that hasn’t been identified as hijacked, misplaced, or connected to theft. Your request will be terminated if our smartphone has been linked to any of these issues.
  • Consumers can unlock their accounts just once per year.
  • Consumers must ask to have their phones unlocked. You can not unlock the mobile without requesting.

Worth noting that Total Wireless has the right to reject any unlocking application that would violate its unlocking guidelines or be made in an attempt to deceive Total Wireless or its clients. The Unlocking Policy of Total Wireless/TracFone is adjustable at any moment and without prior notification.

How Do you Know If Phone is Unlocked to All Carriers?

If you have previously purchased a SIM card, you may put it in your phone, power it on, and check to determine if the service is connected. The smartphone is capable if it does, and users may make and receive calls.

If you are planning to change to a new network, Each provider that provides the bring your own phone option seems to have a dedicated website established that allows you to verify the availability of your device. This is a wise precaution to consider when acquiring a SIM card.

Keep in mind that Compatibility isn’t always guaranteed; thus, there’s a chance that some activities or tasks may occasionally be significantly constrained.

What Companies are Compatible with Total Wireless?

Total Wireless restricts its availability to Verizon-compatible devices and unlocked CDMA devices.  But, you might be capable of getting any other unlocked smartphone to operate with Total Wireless because the introduction of 4G LTE in 2015 initially made it feasible for GSM-based and CDMA-based smartphones to be used simultaneously.

In theory, Total Wireless may work with most unlocked CDMA smartphones. Also, you must perform their web compliance test to confirm that a device is suitable for Total Wireless’s programs. Just go to the website of Total Wireless, and select the “check compatibility” link under the “help” heading in the upper menu bar.

How to Unlock a Total Wireless Phone?

Be certain that you satisfy the requirements listed previously. To simplify the process for yourself, go to, where you’ll be able to input the mobile number or reference number and select the “verify eligibility” option at the bottom to see if your device is suitable for unlocking. You may also contact customer support to confirm your qualifying.

You Should ask for your smartphone to be unlocked if you fit. Make a helpful conversation with Total Wireless. Their service centre is open every seven days.

You have to input the unlocking key they give you into your smartphone. They should give you thorough directions because they differ significantly from one device to another.

Nearly every other provider suitable for your smartphone will be capable of using it as fast as you unlock it. It is necessary to confirm connectivity with that particular provider.

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