how to see missed calls from blocked numbers

How to See Missed Calls from Blocked Numbers? Complete Guide

We usually restrict someone else’s mobile number as soon as we become irritated with them. But if you block them, you won’t be able to take their phones and will be unable to view them in the phone logs. Nevertheless, monitoring telephone calls from a banned contact might be challenging for any cause. If you fall under this category, there is a quick and simple technique to monitor telephone calls. So, how to see missed calls from blocked numbers? Let us find out.

What does Banning a Contact Mean?  

Blocking a contact can make unwanted calls declined by the phone by itself. You can add the contact to the blocklist, and the phone will no longer show thier calls or call logs. You may restrict a mobile number if you do not wish to receive calls from it. Your system actually rejects the conversation when the person attempts to contact you.

How to Ban a Contact?

  • Launch your phone application.
  • After selecting More, select Call logs.
  • Select a contact from the quantity you wish to ban.
  • Select Block or Report Spam.

How to Unrestrict a Contact?

  • Launch your phone application.
  • Toggle More setting.
  • Then choose Restricted contacts under Options.
  • Click Disable and afterward Delete Clear beside the phone you wish to unclog.

Now Let’s See, How to View Banned Contacts’ Phone Call?

Even though you blocked someone in rage and now wanted to see if they called me without unblocking them, several devices, such as android smartphones, are possible.


If you own a Vivo device, you may check the call history of a banned contact and get notified if that person contacts you. Utilize the steps listed underneath to access banned phone records.

  • Navigate to the settings on your device.
  • Go to the options for system applications.
  • Choose “Phone,” followed by “Ban Harassing Applications.”
  • Read down and choose interception alerts.
  • Select the “inform after block” option to get alerts.
  • By selecting the banned call records, you may now see a phone call from banned contacts.


No issue, whatever version you own, if you are one of the numerous proprietors of a Samsung Phone who has trouble seeing phone calls from blacklisted contacts. Just follow the instructions to quickly fix your restricted call issue on any Galaxy phone!

  • Get your phone’s Phone app accessible.
  • Select the recent section.
  • The array will start with the category of the banned call at the head.
  • Once you touch on it, it will show all phone calls from unknown numbers.
  • This directory may also be hidden.
  • The three lines can be tapped in the top right.
  • Choose to conceal block calls from the available choices to make the directory invisible.


Realme smartphones offer a flexible user interface; therefore, by adhering to the steps beneath, we may quickly examine the phone call from the blacklisted contacts.

  • Activate the phone’s android application.
  • Click the three lines in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Tap on Establish rules.
  • The Banned Connections Alert box should be chosen.
  • When you choose Display All, every missed message from the blocked number will appear on your device.


If you use a Xiaomi, you are aware that you’ll receive a message on the login screen or alert bar if you have banned anyone and they contact you. Nevertheless, adhere to the instructions listed underneath to access call records from prohibited addresses.

  • Launch the Phone app on your smartphone.
  • Go to the most recent sections.
  • It will prioritize a category for banned missed calls at the forefront, much as Samsung does.
  • It will show all unread messages from unknown numbers once you hit it.


By following the instructions, you may employ the same procedure to view phone calls from prohibited people on any Oppo smartphone. Whether you’re experiencing problems, don’t worry.

  • Get your device’s Phone app started.
  • In the upper right-hand corner, click the 3-line button.
  • Click options from the menu that appears.
  • Choose Block & Filter from the menu.
  • Choose Blocked Phone Alerts next.
  • To view all phone calls from banned contacts, choose Display All.

Can an Apple Phone View Receive Connections from Blocked Numbers?

Apple does not allow you to see unread messages from banned contacts.

Adding a mobile number to the blacklist lets your apple know that you do not wish to hear from that individual again. No conversations, voice notes, or texts will come directly from that person. They won’t call anyone or attempt to email you, and you won’t get any alerts. You cannot access a section of your iPhone where you may examine the call logs from blacklisted contacts. Nevertheless, there are some alternatives you may attempt if you truly really have to know if a prohibited person has attempted to call you.

How to Unblock the Mobile Number?

Unblocking the contact is the only way to view that contact’s call log. You should be capable of seeing any unread messages you get from the contact, and they’ll be placed on your normal phone list. Somebody would be able to communicate with you again, though. Evaluate the value of your security. The procedures below can be used to unblock a contact and see if you have missed calls from that person.

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Click Telephone beside the green telephone symbol.
  • Select Banned Connections after moving the cursor.
  • Swipe left on the person you wish to exclude.
  • Launch the Phone application.
  • Toggle Recents on the phone’s bottom.
  • Check to see if there are any missed layups.

View their Voicemail to See Whether They Did

Although the phone won’t be informed if a banned contact contacts you, you may listen to any voicemails they may have left. Read the instructions to see if a banned number left you a voicemail message:

  • Get the Phone app loaded.
  • The Voicemail option is located at the bottom.
  • Click Banned Items after browsing.
  • Check the voicemail to see whether the banned person left you a message.

Contact Customer Support

Your cell provider might be capable of informing you if you got any conversations from banned addresses even if your iPhone might not display your phone records of blocked numbers. Use the smartphone to call 611 and request to speak with a customer care agent. Provide them the contact you wish to verify and inquire if they can investigate to see if you’ve gotten any inquiries from banned numbers.


You can simply observe the steps listed and look at your unanswered telephone records from the android device-banned contacts if you wish to! But dealing with the iphone is a little hard. Apple doesn’t show any mercy on blocked contacts. You may have to unblock or contact customer service or the network provider to get the missed call details from blocked contacts.

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